My Story: My Mum Used To Buy Makeup For Me

I always used to wear make-up on stage to hide my imperfection and for aesthetic reasons. My family always supported me in every choice I made. In fact, its quite unbelievable but my mum used to buy makeup for me along with suggesting the ones which would be appropriate for me.

Growing up I loved dressing up and used to play with make-up. I even designed my clothes. I was my own stylist. So, it was no wonder when two of my friends who wanted to go for Miss India approached me to help them design for their shoot. I designed everything from scratch and guess what? One of them won Miss India 2012. She became a star, an influencer! And I wanted to be one too.

Jason Arland Brown Guy

I never wanted to dissolve in the crowd. Even if it is a stare, I would take it in a positive way. So, I decided to come to Mumbai and give it a shot, the place where stars are born.

I remember, my first job was at a beauty store as a dusting staff. I worked there for 8 months but left to explore other opportunities. I got to work with almost every big magazine brand was making good money but somewhere in the process, I forgot my dream, the reason I came to Mumbai.

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During the same period, I broke-up with my partner only to realize later that, it was a blessing in disguise. My post-break-up period was tough, so to distract my mind from it I started working on myself. Earlier I was making people look beautiful, but this time I smeared my talent on myself and started putting my work on Instagram. I was really happy, as I was doing what I always wanted to do.

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My pictures were picked by some publication house and my story was viral. People wanted to know about this brown guy who is breaking the conventional definition of how a guy should look like. When I started putting these pictures, to be honest, I was never trying to be a social change maker. I was just being me, real me.
But now, when I know that I can influence people I do use my status to promote the celebration of all form of beauties. What I learnt is don’t be bothered by those stares which are thrown, its just people gazing a star in you.

Jason Arland

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