4 Reasons Why You Should Not See Movie Stars As Role Model

Getting inspired by someone is different, and choosing someone to be role model well make sure they are worth it. And you should know enough about them before you say that they are the one whom you look up to in all situations of life. Last decade social was active than ever, we saw so many people blindly following their favourite stars, so much that they come after you if you say something about their ideals. I am not saying that loving some celebrity is bad, but blindly following them, is that a good idea? Let me present a few reasons why movie stars should not be your role models.

1. Their actual personality far different from the characters they play

Characters stars play at the big cinema are well written by talented writers, and the characters are written in such a way that people fall in love with them. Shah Rukh Khan once said in an interview that he is the least romantic person you will ever meet in real life he is very shy when it comes to talking to girls. So what’s the point of making someone your role model when they are not even like that.

Why movie stars should not be your role models
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2. The portrayal by media is a huge lie

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. After looking at all bullshit news headlines and paparazzi pictures people tend to think that celebrities have a beautiful life, their life is perfect. No, they don’t have it altogether. It’s just you don’t get to know what happens behind the cameras. What you read in news can’t always be trusted. Everyone goes through a bad day and make their share of mistakes.

why movie stars should be your motivation
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3. They are getting paid for what they do

Being an ambassador of a campaign, the ads they do, even the so-called reality shows, they get paid for everything. And ya they surely not use the products they promote.

why movie stars should not be your role models
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4. At the end of the day, they are only actors

They are simply actors, all they do is entertain people, which is not bad but not a very great thing that you consider them as role models. Fame should not be the reason for a person to be your role model or inspiration. How they truly are as a person should be the reason why you look up to them. So look up to someone like soldiers, great leaders, teachers, activists who selflessly do their job and motivate others to become a better person.

why movie stars should not be your motivation
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Because of all these reasons, I believe movie stars should not be your role model. Finally, I would like to say that you should be your role model. The best you can do in this world is being yourself rather than copying others; the world has one of them it needs one of you. Be yourself and stay awesome.

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