10 Millennials You Should Know Who Are Shaping Modern India

India is a vast country and so diverse are its people. And obviously, the youth plays a vital role in any country’s development. So a lot of future is vested on the shoulders of our Millennials, the so-called beings who had the pleasure to land on earth in the early 80s or mid-90s. Presently they just possess the right age, with plentiful enthusiasm amalgamated with optimum experience and endless dreams to scale the zenith.

Let’s meet up with 10 such millennials who are visionary and seek to shape the subsequent times of India:

1. Umesh Sachdeva

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Ever since making it to the Time’s list of millennials, Umesh has gained praise for his mission. The inventor of virtual assistant, a phone that can understand and process almost any language. Striking down the semantic barriers, this has been phenomenal in serving its cause.

2. Mukund BS

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Adapting the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle motto and blending it with technology, he co-founded ReNewIT. The firm aims for providing computers in a greater scope at affordable rates. From refurbishing and fixing second-hand laptops and PCs, they mend them into fresh ones and usable particularly for the underprivileged people.

3. King Siddhartha

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An event organizer, speaker, author, designer etc. makes him a king. He put together conferences for teenagers called Createens who seek expertise in various fields. Apart from writing e-magazine for teens, he is also keen to develop a movie based on entrepreneurship trends.

4. Bhavish Aggarwal

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Well known with the guy behind Ola Cabs, he has given a strong tussle for Uber to settle in India. Especially the lone Indian in world cab giants, Ola has much to prove its mettle and still keeping an eye to expand the business to foreign locations too.

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5. Vinay Singhal

Vinay Singhal who co-founded and CEO of Wittyfeed, world’s second and India’s biggest viral content website. The company generated a pure revenue of 30 Cr Rs. excluding any brand endorsement. On the global map battling with the Macro Buzzfeed for the top spot.

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6. Pardip Sengupta

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The young and prodigal visual artist is the student from Shantiniketan. His paintings which showcases a unique image as seen by his eyes are on a big demand. And in the future of social media, there’s nothing stopping art to flourish and bring fame to the nation.

7. Mr. Ankit Kawatra

The anti-hunger activist aka Ankit Kawatra was honoured at Buckingham Palace. His initiative Feeding India aims to feed the hungry, gathering food from the party functions and other events. Once the above is done, they are collected and distributed to the nearest NGOs to serve the needy.

8. Mr. Ravinder Singh

The hands which pen down some of the most romantic bestsellers of the country. He has written 8 novels till date, interestingly whose first novel was based on his real life incidents. Now a owner of his own publication house, he is one of the promising writer which audience look out for in coming times.

9. Mr. Aditya Thakre

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The young and dynamic scion of the Thakre family has already made a regular space in the news. Be it social issues or politics, poetry or cricket, he is a well known face. He contended with youth in the past days to rebrand football in the country and regain it’s status and can be the future face of party headed by his family.

10. Virat Kohli

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Last but not the least, the most popular and highest paid Indian athlete is making impressions on the global canvas too. With his Fitness awareness videos and regular social media appearances, he is one of the greatest icons till date in our nation. In a country where cricket is a religion, this guy has a greater role to play.

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