10 Tips To Handle The Mid Life Crisis

To those who don’t know about what is a mid life crisis, you guys should definitely know even if you are too young right now. It might be happening to be somebody around you whom you can help. Or maybe your parents.

Mid life crisis is basically that phase in the life when you suddenly become very become skeptical of most of the things. You wonder about what your actual desires and ambitions were in comparison to what you have achieved. You regret of many situations and want to change things.

Men usually wonder about the achievements and women can along with this also become skeptical of their physical appearance or why they have worked so hard or maybe why they did not work at all. All of this if not cooled down properly might lead to severe depression and leave you dissatisfied with yourself.

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Okay, so the following tips which I’m suggesting you might theoretically seem very easy but due to the complex human nature the results might come early or late. The only thing to remember is that IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

1. Face the problem

Don’t be scared of this face.

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2. Accept it

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Accept the fact that you couldn’t fulfill some of your ambitions and desires.

3. Be happy

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Cherish the smaller moments in your life which really made you happy from the core of your heart. (If there’s something specific like playing music or paragliding or dancing, take out the time for yourself to do it)

4. Exercise

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Your body needs to be healthy both mentally and physically. Go out in the evening or early morning as I would suggest in the fresh air. Jog or maybe switch on the music and switch off from the world and jog.

5. Seek help

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Go to a professional therapist if you think that you want a therapy to be conducted systematically.

6. New Goals

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As I said it is not the end of the world. You can still have new goals, new ambitions and desires to look up to even if its just something petty as collecting stamps.

7. Social Work

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Engage yourself with the real world. Helping others will definitely heal your soul.

8. Talk about it

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Talking really soothes people down. Do talk about the feelings which you are having.
Not comfortable with talking? Write about it then. Writing will help you to express your feelings beautifully and well, you will probably laugh when you read after 5-6 years from now.

9. Eat healthy

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Drink juices, eat salads . By healthy I never want you to eat boring Daal rice or Khichdi but tasty healthy food like soups and subway sandwiches.

10. Be grateful to the relationships

Nurture and be thankful to all the people who are connected with your life irrespective of your status in the society.

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