30 Best Men’s Grooming Products To Use In 2020

The list of men’s grooming products is endless but do you need to use all of it? Of course, not! While many sites will provide you with a long list of products, here we have created a list of only the best of grooming products that every man should use!

Best men’s grooming products for your hair

1. Best Shampoo

 The Man Company Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Dandruff Shampoo
The Man Company Apple Cider Vinegar Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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This anti shampoo comes with a very powerful dandruff defense formulation. It prevents itchy scalps and flaking of scalps. It is free from harmful contents like sulfate and paraben making it the best shampoo for men’s use.

2. Best conditioner

Best conditioner
TRESemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner

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This unisex grooming product nourishes your hair and controls frizz. The keratin smooth system is infused with Keratin & Argan Oil makes the hair smoother and straighter. Most importantly the product is very suitable for Indian hair type. It is a must-have men’s grooming product as conditioning your hair is more important than shampooing it.

3. Best hair growth oil

Best hair growth oil in men's grooming products
The Man Company Defence Theory Bhringraj & Basil Growth Hair Oil

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The Man Company Defence Theory Bhringraj & Basil Growth Hair Oil is nourishing hair growth oil for men. It helps in locking in proteins to encourage rapid hair growth. It moisturizes the hair and prevents breakage.

4. Best hair gel

best hair gel in men's grooming products
Set Wet Vertical Hold Hair Gel

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Hairstyling products are an inseparable part of men’s grooming products. Set Wet hair gels are very effective hair gels with a variety of styles to choose from. You can go for the vertical hold, the wet look, cool hold, and many more styles with the help of set wet hair gels. These hair gels have added pro-vitamin B5 that strengthens your hair. The set wet gels are suitable for all hair types and very good for daily use.

5. Best hair wax

best hair wax in men's grooming products
TIGI BED HEAD For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

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Hair wax is an essential grooming product for men. Cera Carnauba present in this hair wax provides a long-lasting hold that can be reworked with ease. In addition to a long-lasting hold, this hair wax provides texture and enhances the definition of your hair. It is ideal for all hair types.

6. Best hair cream

Best hair cream in men's grooming products
Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream

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Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream is a non-sticky hair cream that provides a smart look to your hair. This hair cream is not only suitable for hairstyling but also nourishing your hair. Its natural coconut composition makes your hair smoother, softer, and healthier.

Best men’s grooming products for your beard

1. Best beard oil

Best beard oil in men's grooming product
Man Arden 7X Beard Oil (Royal Oud)

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This product is a 100% natural one. Its seven super ingredients keep your beard and mustache moisturized and also promotes faster growth. The special non-sticky formula works on your facial hair without leaving any oily residue. It also prevents itchiness in your beard. Man Arden 7X Beard Oil conditions your beard and makes your facial hair feel and look incredible.

2. Best beard wash

best beard wash
Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo & Wash

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A good beard wash is an important men’s grooming product. Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo & Wash is one of the best beards wash out there with natural ingredients and no side-effects. It helps in cleansing your beard from dirt and impurities. It also keeps beardruff at bay.

3. Best beard wax

Best beard wax in men's grooming products
Beardhood All Natural Mustache and Beard Wax

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Beardhood All Natural Mustache and Beard Wax is an all-natural beard wax for men. This beard styling wax is enriched with a blend of handpicked essential oils mixed with shea butter, beeswax, and most importantly the key holding agent; Pine sap. It provides long-lasting hold without any side effects like hair loss or itchiness.

4. Best shaving cream

best shavinng cream in men's grooming products
Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream

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Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream is a shaving cream that promotes a comfortable skin-friendly shaving. Its prime ingredients tree tea oil and aloe vera prevent acne and skin inflammations. The beeswax composed in the shaving cream softens the skin for a smooth shaving experience.

5. Best after-shave

Best after-shave in men's grooming products
Bombay Shaving Company Post-Shave Balm

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A good after-shave deserves as much importance as a good shaving cream in the list of men’s grooming products. Bombay Shaving Company Post-Shave Balm is a cooling, non-alcoholic after-shave balm that soothes your skin after a shave. Its refreshing formula restores hydration and the pleasant fragrance of the balm stays with you to make you feel fresh.

6. Best trimmer

Best trimmer
Philips BT1212/15 USB charging cordless rechargeable Beard Trimmer

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Many men prefer a neat stubble. This popular preference makes the trimmer an essential men’s grooming product. Philips BT1212/15 Beard Trimmer is one of the best trimmers you’ll find with different detachable heads of varied sizes.

Best men’s grooming products for your face

1. Best face wash

Best facewash
NIVEA Men Face Wash

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NIVEA Men Face Wash is an all in one face wash that cleanses your face from oil and dirt. It also prevents acne in men. It is a must-have men’s grooming product.

2. Best face mask

best face mask for men
Beardo Face mask

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Men should give more importance to face products too. They must include necessary men’s grooming products for their face. Face masks made especially for men can be of real help. Beardo Face mask is one such mask that does all the work for you. It deep cleanses your skin and clears toxins and impurities. It unclogs pores and lightens skin tone.

If you feel like going for other alternatives, here’s a list of 15 best face pack for men to help you out.

3. Best sunscreen

Best sunscreen for men
Ponds Men Sunscreen

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Men are mostly exposed to sunlight more than women. Thus, a good sunscreen is a must to prevent skin damage from the harsh sun rays and heat. Ponds Men Sunscreen is a good sunscreen with SPF 30 and unique non-greasy formula. It is suitable for all skin types.

4. Best toner

Best multipurpose cream
Beardo Men Lotion

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A toner is an important product for your face. Beardo Men Lotion is a multipurpose product that works as a toner as well as a moisturizer. It closes the pores on your skin and removes dirt and other impurities from your skin.

5. Best moisturizer

Best moisturizer in men's grooming products
The Man Company Daily Moisturising Cream

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A moisturizer can rejuvenate your skin. The Man Company Daily Moisturising Cream with shea butter and vitamin E deeply nourishes your skin. Its special formula restores damaged skin and makes your skin soft and subtle.

6. Best eye cream

Best eye cream
Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream

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Wrinkles and dark circles make your face look dull. You need to avoid them at any cost thus, eye creams are very much essential. It indeed deserves to be in the list of best men’s grooming products. Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream is an all-round eye cream that works on both dark circles and wrinkles. It brightens eye skin tone and boosts collagen to improve skin elasticity.

7. Best lip balm

Best lip balm for men
NIVEA Men Lip Care

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Similarly, like wrinkles and dark circles, chapped lips make you look less presentable. Lips too are a part of your face, thus it requires some attention too. NIVEA Men Lip Care is the perfect men’s lip balm you need. It is made just for men, thus it leaves no color on your lips after use. (Just in case you think using lip balms will make you look girly.)

Best men’s grooming products for your body

1. Best bar soap

Best bar soap in men's grooming products
Park Avenue Cool Blue Fragrant Soap

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A block of bar soap is of course one of the basic men’s grooming products. But choosing one can be tough. Park Avenue Cool Blue Fragrant Soap is one product that you can trust. Its manly fragrance makes it a perfect choice for all men. Its cooling components gives you a fresh feeling every time you take a shower.

2. Best shower gel

Best shower gel in men's grooming products
NIVEA Men Shower Gel

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A shower gel is basically a three in one gel. It works for the face, the body as well as hair. NIVEA Men Shower Gel is a nourishing product for men’s skin. It leaves your skin and hair refreshed and revitalized.

3. Best deodorant

Best deodorant in men's grooming products
Axe Dark Temptation

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Deodorants are undoubtedly quite popular among men. It is indeed one of the most used men’s grooming products. The world’s number 1 deodorant brand brings to you this unbeatable product, Axe Dark Temptation. Its fragrance lasts up to 24 hours to keep you fresh for long. Being a cooling deodorant, it lowers the body temperature by 6 degrees instantly after use.

4. Best perfume

Best perfume in men's grooming products
Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men

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Gentlemen should know the use of perfumes. For special occasions, you can’t just put on deodorant. You need something more classy and strong. Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men with its classy fragrance makes you stand out in every party or event you visit.

5. Best cologne

best cologne
Adidas Ice Dive Eau De Toilette For Men

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A cologne is like a perfume with less alcohol quantity. Why go for anything else when you have a cologne from one of the most loved brand.

Now that you know about the best men’s grooming products here are 11 essential grooming tips for men that you must know.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you think we have missed out on anything, please let us know in the comments below.

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