5 Reasons Why Every Men In The World Should Be feminists

Feminism is not about putting women first, it is about bringing both the sexes to equal status. We are living in 2020 and now it is high time to realize that equal rights should be given to individuals irrespective of their gender.

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As a man, being a feminist is nothing to be ashamed of. The world needs more of such feminist men to make this a better place for the other gender.

Here are 5 reasons why every man on this planet should be a feminist.

1. Face The Truth

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You cannot pretend to not see the mistreatment women face even today. After all, we have sisters, mothers, wives who are women too. Maybe you are not the one mistreating them, but the world is. It’s shameful but almost every woman living in any corner of the world has been harassed at least once in their lifetimes. They are subjected to various sexual and mental harassment every day. Women cannot walk freely without fear after dusk as eyes are always fixed on them with lust. We need to stop ignoring the mistreatment and harassment. We have to understand the importance of equality of the genders. So that our sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters can have the freedom to go out anytime and anywhere they wish.

2. Women Can Be Great Leaders Too

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Women can run a house but when it comes to leading a larger corporation, why do we doubt their capacity? Firstly, women hardly get to lead big companies or even countries. When they do, in spite of all the hardships they had to face in the way, they show their leadership qualities well. But sadly, they are discouraged to such extents that they are forced to resign. In some instances, circumstances even lead to murder. We need to give women the chance too, we need to push them forward for once too.

3. Men Also Have To Face The Consequences

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Due to the existing inequality, men too have to face various consequences. They are also subjected to stereotypes, though much milder than the ones faced by women.

4. Women Are A Part Of Humanity Too!

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Women are half the population of the world! We have been ignoring their rights for so long and yet we wish to achieve success as a species. We have to start considering women as our equals and then think of a better place. If women are free and happy, so will be the rest of humanity.

5. They Are Not Our Rival

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Women are not our enemies! We are the same children of Adam and Eve. Feminists are fighting for the rights of women, they are not waging a war against all men. We have to stop considering them as mortal foes! We are not competing with them, to start it, they have been shackled for so long that we have snatched their freedom from them.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cis or trans, young or old. You have to respect the other gender and treat them as equals. Your mother who brought you to this world is, after all, a woman too.

Women deserve equality, but they are often subjected to various harrassment. One such example is domestic violence. You can know more about it in our article on the disturbing link between domestic violence and pet abuse.

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