Contrary To Popular Belief, Men With Big Bellies Are Better At Sex Than Skinny Ones

Dear girls, we all know how you fantasize about being in bed with a guy who has the physique of a Greek God: a square jaw, chiseled pecs & washboard abs. But this study conducted by Erciyes University, Turkey, might make you rethink that. Maybe you’ll even ask your man to get off his keto diet and order himself a Big Mac with some fries and a coke on the side.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Men With Big Bellies Are Better At Sex

200 men between the ages 18 & 60 were studied, 100 of whom were seeking help for erectile dysfunction and 100 who reported no problems. Researchers focused on the relationship between a man’s BMI (body mass index) and his sexual performance. The results suggested that men with bigger bellies last longer and perform better in bed.

It was found that men with big bellies last more than thrice as long as their skinnier counterparts. The men with a higher BMI lasted an average of 7.3 minutes whereas those with a lower BMI lasted only two minutes. What’s even worse is that the slimmer test participants were also found to be more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation.

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“We found that the premature ejaculators were leaner than the healthy control cases, and as the BMI increased in the PE group, the number of patients decreased. We also showed in this study that the prevalence of obesity was lower in the PE group than in the control group.”

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The reason behind this phenomenon, according to experts, was the difference in the quantities of a hormone called estradiol in the bodies of lean & chubby men. It’s a fact that men who carry more fat around the stomach area have higher quantities of estradiol in their system. Estradiol is a female sex hormone, which helps to inhibit orgasm for males. As a result, big-bellied boys take more time to climax.

While being extremely obese is obviously not good for your libido and even your general health in the long run, I think it’s time we thought twice about stereotypes that surround chubbier guys. You may find them unattractive or think that they are lazy & slow, but they put in thrice as much work when they go to town. Also, you can enjoy a big tub of ice cream with him, while you rest your head on that cushiony belly after you’re both satisfied and done for the night.

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So ladies, I think it’s time you changed your parameters of choosing a significant other. The guy you’re going out with right now might have a six pack, but chances are he won’t be able to make your toes curl the way a man with a dad-bod will.

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