Men Washing Face: A Guide For Men To Wash Their Faces Properly 

Most men don’t consider washing their face. Many use soaps and washing gels for washing their face. Most don’t even know if they should wash their face or not. The chances are you too are in one of the categories, which makes this article very important for you. The fact that men don’t pay attention to their facial hygiene makes them all the more vulnerable to wrinkles, breakthroughs, acne, pimples and all other sorts of problems in the near future. That’s why it becomes all the more important to educate them regarding property hygiene and care of the face. In this article, we take a look at all the things men need to know to create a face washing routine. So let’s get started.

Why should you wash your face every day?

Men Washing Face

Before you tell us that you don’t need anything for washing your face except just a splash of water every now and then, let us tell you why you specifically need a face wash for washing your face. 

Washing your face every day helps remove the daily build-up of dirt oil and other unwanted substances like bacteria, viruses, dust, pollutants, and even old dead skin. Water helps clear some of them but for a full face cleanse you need a face wash. By using a face wash to clean your face, you hydrate your skin which ensures that you have a clear and radiating skin to flaunt. If one does not wash their face every day they would end up having an acne-ridden skin with ample whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and blemishes. And we are pretty sure you do not want that do you? By washing your skin you also so get rid of the excess oils that can clog the skin pores and cause severe problems.

When and how often should men wash their face?

While most people recommend washing their faces twice a day but you can change that based on your skin type. People with oily skin are generally advised to wash their face twice a day and sometimes even more while the ones having dry or sensitive skin are advised to go for a once a day frequency but if you exercise heavily or perspire a lot then a third facewash session would come handy too. Bottom line is that the frequency of washing your face depends on your skin type. We’ll come to it in a few moments.

Men Washing Face

If you can only make time for one wash per day do make it at night this will help to remove all the dirt that got built up during the day. 

Learn more about your Skin types

a great face wash for one person might not be that great for someone else as it all depends on the skin type. Thus, when it comes to face wash you cannot follow the one-size-fits-all principle. There are 5 types of skin:

  • Normal: this type of skin is neither too oily nor too dry. This type requires the least amount of care but still daily washing of at least once a day will ensure that this skin stays radiant and glowing. 
  • Oily: this type of skin is porous and shiny due to excessive fat production by sebaceous glands. This skin ages slower than any other skin type but is most prone to acne.
  • Dry: dry, itchy, and flaky, the skin of dry skinners feels stretched and tight. Due to lack of moisture, it ages the quickest, and thus people with dry skin developing wrinkles early on.
  • Sensitive: as the name suggests people with sensitive skin have a high degree of intolerance towards skin products. Their skin often turns red after shaving or cleansing and is prone to irritation.
  • Combination: people with this skin type present characters of both dry and oily skin. In most cases, they have a T zone—covering the forehead, nose, and chin—which has an abundance of sebaceous glands and is more oily as compared to the cheek region.

How to find your skin type?

In an article for Vogue, Mumbai-based celebrity dermatologist Dr Jamuna Pai tells a method for finding your skin type easily at home. She says, “Wash and clean your face. Pat dry with a towel. Wait for about 20 minutes. Stick three pieces of tape on your face: One across your forehead, one down the length of your nose and one across one of your cheeks by your jawline. Remove the tapes after three-five minutes. If you see flakes, you have dry skin; tiny oil droplets, oily skin; a bit of both, combination skin; and redness, sensitive skin.”

Best face wash for your skin type

Now that you know what your skin type is and what all ingredients to look for and what all to avoid in your face wash, let’s look at some of the best face washes for different skin types.

For Oily Skins 

1. Ponds Men Acno Clear Face Wash

Men Washing Face
Ponds Men Acno Clear Face Wash

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Pond’s Men Acno Clear face wash is ideal for men with oily skin. It gently removes excess oil from your face without causing too much dryness. The face wash unclogs skin pores to provide smooth and oil-free skin. It also fights pimple-causing germs. Few notable ingredients that add to its quality include mineral clay and hazelnut extract.

2. Nivea all in one men’s face wash

Face wash for oily skin
Nivea All in One Men’s Face Wash

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Nivea all in one men’s face wash is great for combating dark spots, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin. Its feature ingredient includes Cooling mud formula which cleanses and removes oil and dirt deeply from the pores. It also leaves a cool and refreshing feeling on your face.prevents and reduces acne

The face wash reduces acne-causing bacteria as well as unclogs & refines pores. 

It also reduces dark spots due to dirt and brightens the skin.

3. Beardo activated charcoal face wash

Men Washing Face
Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Wash

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This face wash contains some of the most nature-friendly Ingredients: Activated charcoal, olive oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil and aloe vera making it great for sensitive skin as well. These ingredients provide deep face cleansing, oil control, pollution control and acne control. Beardo Activated Charcoal Facewash extracts impurities from your skin and cleanses the pores. Activated Charcoal and combined natural ingredients work together to control acne, pimples and dark spots, providing clean and clear skin.

4. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Anti-Acne Volcano Brightening Foam

Men Washing Face
L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Anti-Acne Volcano Brightening Foam

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Formulated with a volcano mineral that deep cleanses the skin with active anti-whitehead and anti-sebum action, the Volcano Red Foam Facewash from L’OREAL PARIS ensures deep purifying action that leaves behind fresh and clear skin

Like we said before, salicylic acid is a good pore un-blocker and anti-acne ingredient. Thus it should be definitely on the list of men with oily skin or acne. And thankfully, this face wash is loaded with just that.

Another great ingredient present in this is the volcanic mineral extract. There is also an added peppermint extract, to give a cool menthol feeling on your face. 

For Dry Skins

1. Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash

Men Washing Face
Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Face Wash

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Himalaya’s moisturizing aloe vera face wash is a soap-free wash that dry skins would totally adore. It replenishes lost moisture from your skin after every wash, so no more dry and stretched skin. It is enriched with cucumber which cools and soothes, and aloe vera which tones and softens the skin. The moisturizing aloe vera face wash uses natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturise the skin. A must buy if you have dry skin.

2. The Man company charcoal face wash

Men Washing Face
The Man company charcoal face wash

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Armed with Ylang Ylang essential oils and Rosemary extracts this face wash is a bit pricey but it comes packed with power. With an activated charcoal base, this face wash offers a unique combination to combat dry skin. It treats acne and prevents skin infection. And also moisturises the dry skin after the wash.

 It also contains hypotensive and anti-ageing properties. Activated charcoal is a master product. Almost every face wash nowadays has it. It is known for its unique ability to draw out the dirt and oil that are blocking the skin pores. It is also anti-bacterial and exfoliates the skin. Dear dry skinners, Invest in this great face wash. You won’t regret it.

For Combination Skin

1. Mens XP MUD Natural Face Wash With Amazonian White Clay & Lemon

Men Washing Face
Mens XP MUD Natural Face Wash With Amazonian White Clay & Lemon

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Mens XP Mud Face Wash is our favourite pick for Combination Skin types. It is a bit pricey, though. But the quality is right there. The face wash cleanses deep within but doesn’t feel too harsh on the skin either. It has good moisturising property thanks to the Amazonian white clay and the Lemon extract. Enriched with Amazonian White Clay and Lemon, this face wash is ideal for oily and combination skin. It controls secretion of oil, helps to brighten the skin and also fights pimples, making your skin soft and smooth. Another great thing about this awesome product is that it is free from sulphates and parabens. This is good news for those of us who can’t tolerate sulphates on their skins.

2. Beardhood green tea and charcoal face wash

Men Washing Face
Beardhood green tea and charcoal face wash

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Anti-oxidants in green tea extract provide protection against UV rays nourishing the skin, Reduce the redness of skin by moisturising and also act as an antibacterial agent. Who would have thought that green tea would be this great for your face? Beardhood green tea and charcoal face wash provides a smooth and nourishing experience to your face. The ingredients are a balanced combination of natural extracts and vitamins. Activated charcoal cleans away the dirt, bacteria and toxin and excessive oil from the skin And also provides skin protection against acne and blackheads by removing the dead skin. Aloe vera heals the skin while also protecting against the sun. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents in aloe vera fasten the healing process providing no tan skin.

For Sensitive Skins

1. Kaya skin clinic face cleanser

Face wash for sensitive skin
Kaya skin clinic face cleanser

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A perfume-free, hypoallergenic and soap-free face wash that gently cleanses your sensitive skin without causing dryness or irritation. Its natural fatty acids and proteins keep the perfect pH balance leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated

2. Kama Ayurveda face cleanser

Men Washing Face
Kama Ayurveda face cleanser

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Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam is an ultra-gentle cleansing foam for delicate skins that removes impurities and excess oils without stripping away skin’s essential moisture. It contains sandalwood, aloe and calendula flower extracts.

Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help soothe and cool sensitive, reddened or irritated skin. 

Cold-pressed aloe vera leaf juice provides hydration to comfort inflamed skin while also controlling flaking, redness and tightness. Naturally, calendula flower extracts protect the skin from the damage caused by pollution and environmental irritants and keep it glowing. This soft, plush foam face wash is soft on the skin and Suited for sensitive, allergy-prone, easily irritated or rosacea-prone skin types.

Best face wash ingredients for your skin type

Dry Skin 

The priority of men with dry skin should be to find the face wash that moisturizes their skin. Although they can buy a separate moisturizer and use it after face wash we recommend buying a hydrating face wash. Ingredients like petroleum, mineral oil and lanolin can act as great moisturizers so make sure your face wash has them.

Oily Skin

Aloe Vera and Tea tree oil are great for unclogging oily skin. Charcoal is also something one should look for in a face wash for oily skin as it is effective in unclogging too. Don’t use face wash containing alcohol as it would abrase the skin.

Sensitive and Combination Skin

Look for gentle ingredients like Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel or Willow Branch. The face wash for sensitive skin should be ultra-gentle, fragrance-free, soap-free, and hypoallergenic. 

Which is better Face Wash or Soap?

Facial skin differs from that of the whole body, it is thinner. Thus, the soap that you use can’t and shouldn’t be applied here. Soap, being alkaline, messes up the pH of the face which is acidic. 

Face wash, on the other hand, is much more gentle on the face and doesn’t disrupt the acidity. Also, it doesn’t take away the moisture as soap does. So ditch that soap and buy a decent face wash to take care of your face. Today. Seriously go on and buy one, We’ll wait.

All the steps involved in men washing face Complete Guide

men washing face

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

You have a lot of microorganisms hanging out on your hands. And you wouldn’t want them to reach your face, would you? So make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly before using the face wash.

Step 2: Wet Your Face

Use lukewarm water to wet your face. Why lukewarm? Because lukewarm water helps open the pores. Coldwater on the other hand closes them. Also, don’t go for hot water as it can damage the skin.

Step 3: Dispense the Facewash

Dispense the face wash on your palm. Make sure it is just the size of a coin. Tubing out more will lead to wastage while less would not have any effect on your face.

Step 4: Spread

Spread the face wash on your palm. Few face wash lather while some don’t and it doesn’t tell anything about their quality so don’t worry. But spreading the face wash on your palm you activate the cleaning particles and increase the surface area of action too.

Step 5: Apply

Now apply the face wash to your face. Don’t scrub. Rather, go for circular motions for 30-40 seconds then change directions.

Step 6: Rinse 

Rinse thoroughly so that no dirt or foam remains. Here too use lukewarm water so that the pores remain open and proper cleaning can take place.

Step 7: Dry That Clean Face Of Your

Pat lightly with a towel and don’t rub as that can irritate the skin.

Step 8: Exfoliate and Moisturize

Exfoliation is a process of removal of dead skin cells from your face with the help of exfoliating cream. Ideally, it should be done twice a week as it is an intensive cleansing process.

After everything is done apply moisturizer evenly all over your face. The skin becomes dry after a face wash and thus you must apply it after every wash. 

Remember to select a moisturizer according to your skin type. And yes, you’ll need a moisturizer if you’re having an oily skin type. 

Some of the ideal ingredients you should be looking for in a moisturizer (for all types) include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Jojoba beans extract, and hyaluronic acid. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Men Washing Face

Q1. Why do I need to wash my face with a face wash?

A1. Throughout the day your the sebaceous glands on your skin secrete an oily secretion called sebum. This oil acts as a protective covering and protects the face. But if produced in excess, it can close the pores of the skin and cause acne. Also, several toxins can get stuck to this layer and with time your face can lose the glow. That’s why one needs to wash their face daily with a face wash. For a detailed insight into this, see our article above.

Q2. How often should I wash my face?

A2. The frequency of your face washing session depends on your skin type. Maximum permissible times in a day is twice. Washing your face more than twice a day with face wash will result in excessive dryness.

Q3. Which is the best face wash for men?

A3. There’s no single face wash that is the best for the entire mankind, rather, there are few which are great for a specific skin type while others that are great for the other. Check “best face wash for your skin type” in our article above for the complete list of our favourite picks.

Q4. Do I need to use a moisturizer after every face wash?

A4. Yes, moisturising is very important. Even for men with oily skin. A face wash clears away the oil coating created by the sebaceous gland. While too much of this coating can lead to greasy looking face and all other problems, too less of this oily layer would leave the skin vulnerable to infections as this layer also acts as a protective cover. Thus it is essential that you apply moisturiser after washing your face, twice daily. 


Whether you have oily skin or skin as dry as the desert, you need to wash your face. Not just with water. Not with soap. But with a men’s face wash. By investing in a good face wash and forming a consistent face washing routine you’ll save your face from tonnes of messy things that could show up on your face. 

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it helpful and informative.

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