According To Science Every Man Should Masturbate 21 Times A Month

Masturbation is a taboo, especially in India, ranking similar in people’s perspective as it is for sex. Though our newer generation is striving to gain its sexual freedom, the idea of touching yourself for sweet quick orgasm still may put people off. However, a new study has shown the benefit of masturbating where it helps in decreasing the chances of prostate cancer in men.

Masturbate 21 Times a Month

The researchers of Harvard University have found that almost 33% of men showed decreased chances of having prostate cancer who ejaculated 21 times a month. The study included giving a questionnaire to 31,925 men over a period of 18 years, who were between the age of 20-29 and 40-49, also a year before the questionnaire was distributed.

It was previously suggested that men who have sex frequently have better chances against the prostate cancer but this study has given the autonomy back in the hands of men (no pun intended) to fight against this deadly disease. Having sex 21 times a month does seem a little improbable (though not impossible if your partner desire you as much as you do) but masturbating is all in all less taxing on your free time.

Prostate cancer in India

Prostate cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world and second most in the cases of men. In India, it comes on third for men after lung and mouth cancers. About 7% of Indian men are affected by it. It affects men of the age of over 65 years old. Get your screening done, it is suggested, if you are over 55 years old or have difficulty in urinating, see blood in the urine or have back and pelvic pain.

It is suggested that a poor sex life along with bad diet and inactivity are the root causes for this problem. Though it remains a mystery still that how ejaculation helps in fighting prostate cancer, some suggest that it could possibly be because it flushes out toxins out of the system.

Masturbation helps in keeping your sexual organ healthy. It keeps the blood flow and stress in check and even helps in getting used to the feeling to fight premature ejaculation. It is about time you jump into the practice and keep your body and mind healthy. Though, doing it more than once a day or over 21 times a month could prove out to be a bad habit for you.

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