10 Tested Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

We have heard various myths and rumours encircling the concept of a long-distance relationship. From hearing “They won’t last for long” to seeing unhappy couples in a long-distance relationship, we all are guilty of holding onto some beliefs and traditional thinking.

But does it really work that way? If we think about it with an unbiased opinion, couples in a long distance relationship are only unhappy because of the distance. And we have seen one couple having survived the apocalyptic ordeal. The ones who do not survive it were never really in love in the first place.

They either indulged themselves in a lifestyle of infidel incidents or withdrew themselves from it completely. Many people wanted to experience the ‘candid life’ after their significant other went away.

How to have a long distance relationship
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If you’re truly in love with your partner but they’re going away for a couple of months or years, then this article is here to help you keep that love alive.

1. Avoid excessive communication

One misconception about being in a long distance relationship is that you need to compensate for the distance with excessive communication. But that isn’t the case. Being clingy and possessive can do more negative than positive. Do not stick to your partner like caramel. Before you know it, you both will be tired of each other and will want to get some fresh air before your phone rings again. And that, my friend, is a red signal.

Just calm down
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2. See it as an opportunity to grow

As someone wise once said, ‘If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.’ There is a silver lining to everything. See this as an opportunity to learn to live apart and to test your love for one another. If you can endure this, you can endure anything together.

An Opportunity to Grow
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3. You need to have set ground rules to bar expectations

We all are aware of how expectations give rise to disappointment. In movies, you can see someone advising the other saying they should only hope. You need to be clear whether the two of you are exclusive or not, whether you can go on dates with other women or not. After that is clear, you need to set some rules for communication. In essence, dedicating at least an hour out of the twenty-four.

Hope Don't Expect
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4. Communicate regularly

To avoid excessive communication, you don’t need to cut down on it altogether. Find fun ways to reach out to each other – from calling each other on Google Duo to writing a letter to each other. Modern times have made it possible for you to stay close to your bae without having to stay close to them. It isn’t like the times when our parents had to wait days before they received a response to their letters.

Communication is key
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5. Talk dirty with each other

Your sex life doesn’t need to stagnate like murky water. Times have changed, you don’t have to wait days or weeks to send each other messages. Use this time apart to explore each other sexual fantasies over the phone. That is to say, send each other naughty messages, tease your partner with censored/uncensored images of yourself. GIF’s come in handy when you want to be playful with each other.

Talk Dirty
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6. Avoid “dangerous” situations

It can happen that you and your friends here have decided to go clubbing. Make sure you inform your partner about it and ask them if they are comfortable with it or not. Two things tend to make relationships hang on the edge of a cliff – misunderstandings and second-hand information.

Be like Mondler
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They are going to be hurt if they find out that you went to a bar through your Instagram stories. It’s going to hurt even more if you disregard their paranoia. As Chandler once said about Monica, “She is entitled to a little paranoia.”

7. Do things together

Life can be pretty boring at times. You can spend this time watching a documentary together at the same time instead of yawning away your afternoon. Or, you can play a game together. There are many games which support multiplayer mode, like Minecraft.

Playing games together
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8. Visit each other once in a while

If voice calls, pictures, or video calls cannot compensate for the pang that you are feeling in your heart then it’s time to visit them. You don’t have to stay there forever and risk your career and education or seem too clingy. One visit can make up for months of separation.

Surprise Visits
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9. Embrace your ‘me-time’

You can use this time apart to experience new things, explore your hobbies, pursue your career. In a nutshell, embrace this alone time to nurture your individuality. You need to love yourself before letting someone else love you.

Embrace your alone time
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10. Gift your partner something significant to hold on to

When your significant other goes away, you might want to give them something to hold on to you. In long-distance relationships, the two individuals need a token of love which will remind them of your warmth and love. That item will pose as yourself till you come back to them. When you spend birthdays or anniversaries apart, send them a gift ahead of time so they receive it on the D-day.

Gift each other something
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If you have survived this painful adventure then, my friend, you’re the real MVP in this world.

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