4 Tips On How To Maintain The Hygiene Of Your Beard

Who doesn’t look good with a beard? But maintaining a beard is not that easy. Studies state that beards carry more microbes than dog’s fur which not a good sign. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the hygiene of your beard.

1. Wash Your beard daily

Just like you wash your head and shampoo it regularly. Beard also needs cleansing daily. If you don’t wash your beard properly it may itch badly. Also, as mentioned earlier, uncleaned beard contains lots of germs, these can be transferred to nose and mouth. Make sure to keep your beard clean for overall facial hygiene.

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2. Moisturize

You can either use moisturizers or beard oils. Yes, beard oils do exist. Use beard oil to massage your beard. This will not only moisturize your beard and help it grow but also make and it shiny and you won’t any itching sensation thereafter. So after washing your beard massage it with oils every day. Massaging will make you feel relax and you can have a better sleep at night.

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3. Comb your beard

Just like you comb your hair every day, comb your beard regularly. This will help you remove dirt and all the necessary particles stuck in the beard. You might get surprised at how particles like lint or food particles got stuck there. Combing beard helps you remove tangles, these tangles are the criminals, due to these tangles things get stuck and bacteria grow easily.

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4. Trim your beard

What is the use of having a beard when it is unkempt? Trimming not only gives good shape but also removes the tangles present in the beard. Thus there won’t be enough space for particles to get stuck and bacteria to grow. Trimming once in a while also improves the growth of the beard, and helps your moustache connect to your beard, which a lot of people struggle.

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These were a few simple but very necessary tips on how to maintain your beard hygiene. Don’t forget beard is also a part of your body and requires equal care and grooming.

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