My Story: I Lost 12 Kilograms In 6 Months Without Hitting A Gym

I wouldn’t really call this a how-to-lose-weight guide. Hell, it isn’t even something anyone should be trying at any point of their lives. So, take this as my story as what it just is. So how did I lose 12 Kilograms in 6 months? Long answer short: I’d been in a state of depression.

1. The Initial Stages

I was really fat some time ago with an extremely noticeable double-chin. That was me before those months.

My Story: I Lost 12 Kilograms In 6 Months Without Hitting A Gym

Due to some personal reasons, I went into serious depression. Before I even knew what I was doing, I started sleeping late at nights. I would usually spend the time by just lying down on my terrace and would stare at the night sky. Typical akelapan (translation: loneliness) symptoms.

I would get lost in them. By the time I became aware of my own existence, I would have tears flowing down my eyes. For days I would lose myself in the night sky and everything around me. I would sit in class idle, listening to nothing.

My friends would nudge me a couple of times to bring me back to reality and tell me that my eyes were red again. I had reached a point where anything people said or did to me didn’t matter anymore. I would think- this is the worst I’ve been through, what could make it any worse anyway?

This feeling carried on for those entire 6 months period.

2. Gradually Losing Weight + Much More

My Story: I Lost 12 Kilograms In 6 Months Without Hitting A Gym

As a result of my ignorance of everything around me, my grades went straight down. I talked lesser and lesser to the people around. Even on my parents’ meet at the end of my semester, my teachers told my mother how my grades were going downhill and that I didn’t show any concern.

I remember that day… I literally smiled at the teacher when he said that. However, tears had welled up in my mother’s eyes. I couldn’t react. The depression had also started affected me physically. I didn’t notice it at first.

And before I knew it I was skipping lunches and dinners. No one came to know about this as I just stayed with my grandparents and was supposed to eat out for lunches. My grandparents thought I was on a diet when I skipped dinners. Within a week, my pants started to get noticeably loose.

Not only did I start losing weight, but my body also became weak over time. Now, I was mentally as well as physically fragile.

My Story: I Lost 12 Kilograms In 6 Months Without Hitting A Gym

3. Recovering from the state

Thanks to some of my close friends in college, I tried to keep myself busy. Also, after a few months, my mother returned and saw my condition. She didn’t allow me to skip dinner from then on. By then, my eating capacity had decreased. So I had to force myself to have dinner.

However, I’d lost a lot of my weight. So having my dinners didn’t help that much either. It went on decreasing except it was slower now. But around 6 months later, my mind turned itself around – it was stable. Not entirely, but I can say it was stable for most of the time. It was then when I started working out.

No, I didn’t go to the gym. I exercised at home. It started with push-ups, squats, and occasional morning jogs. This occupied about 30 minutes of my day. Now I could jog without feeling awkward as I didn’t have fat hanging from my joints. I gained my confidence back.

My Story: I Lost 12 Kilograms In 6 Months Without Hitting A Gym

4. Was it pleasant?

Was all the depression pleasant you ask? Obviously not. But at least it helped me reduce my weight. Not in the right away of course, but I got something done the wrong way. Losing 12 kilograms in just 6 months isn’t a very easy feat.

Need not tell you this, but do not try this at home. Or anywhere else. There are still some side effects to my seemingly slim athletic body now. One of it is having a lot of loose skin. You can try to pull my skin from any part of my body, even my face, and it shall stretch to an enormous extent.

That’s just one. But now I’m completely alright. I maintain my diet well, and I have my own daily routine to keep myself healthy and alive.

Again, don’t try it out, it is a terrible ordeal when you’re in it. Believe me, you do not want to be there. Oh, and that’s a picture of me(below) some time after those 6 months.

My Story: I Lost 12 Kilograms In 6 Months Without Hitting A Gym

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