4 Tips To Keep Your Long-Distance Friendship Strong As Ever

Movies and novels always tend to romanticise long distance relationships. Songs are written paying ode to long-distance lovers. But what about long-distance friends? Why isn’t there a “ Hey there Delilah” written for best friends loving thousands of miles apart from each other? Take this in writing, a long-distance friendship is a painful as a long-distance relationship. But fret not, we are here to help you out.

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Follow these 4 tips and we promise the bond between you guys will be strong as ever.

1. Accept the change

If your best friend is moving to a new city or a new country, accept the fact that things are going to change. You will not be able to go to her house to rant about the most minor inconvenience you have had, you will not be able to drink your sorrows away with her whenever you’re heartbroken and worst of all, as much as sit sucks you have to accept that she is going to get new friends. Unless you accept these facts, resentment will brew between you two. So it is for the best that both of you accept the new changes that are going to come along.

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2. Give Space

You need to understand that if your friend is moving to a new city, he/she is going to have a lot on his/her plate. They will have to build a new life for themselves and the process can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. So give your friend that time and space to do so. Don’t get mad if s/he takes a bit longer to reply to your text or s/he is too tired to call you at night. Understand where s/he is coming from.

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3. Prioritize

Both the parties have to sort their priorities. Both of you are going to have a new life, new friends and that is great. But always remember to feature your long-distance friend high on your priority list. Make sure to keep each other updated on what is happening in each other’s life. Do call each other once a week. Share those gossips like you used to before. Distance doesn’t have to take a toll on your bond if you’re determined to get through it.

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4. See the silver lining

Take it from someone who has a long-distance best friend, you tend to value your best friend more when you live far away. When you experience something every day, there is a tendency to take that for granted. But when you are far away you appreciate each other’s worth and if your friendship can withstand this, it can withstand anything.

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Let’s face it- It is a terrible feeling when your partner in crime, your homie is leaving town. But just because your best friend is leaving doesn’t mean your bond has to. After all, as they say-But your best friend is still your best friend even from a thousand miles away

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