“I Am A Mother”- The Story Of India’s First Transgender Mother

You might recognize her from the Vicks ad. Gauri Sawant wrote history by becoming the first Indian transgender mother. She showed everyone that you don’t need a body of a woman to be a mother but a heart that knows love. Quoting Gauri, “Mother is a behaviour, to loving someone from bottom of your heart is a behaviour. Motherhood is beyond gender.” Here is the amazing story of India’s first transgender mother:

1. Born as Ganesh

Gauri was born in Pune as Ganesh. Her father was a police officer and had different expectations from his ‘son’. Since childhood Gauri then Ganesh was very feminine and enjoyed the company of girlfriends playing Ghar-Ghar and making food. Gauri’s childhood wasn’t golden as most of ours. After losing her mom at a very tender age of 5, there was no one to take care of her properly. It was difficult for her father to accept her innocent feminine traits and behaviours and he would often be pissed off. Not to further disappoint her dad she left home at the age of 18 to live her life freely.

story of india's first transgender mother
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2. Becoming an activist

Life was initially hard. She only had 60 rupees when she left home. But by god’s grace, she found shelter under a trust called Humsafar Trust – LGBTQ organisation, where she gave speeches and helped people to accept themselves and embrace their real identity. Soon she opened her own organisation named Sakshi Char Chowghi that helps transgenders and people suffering from HIV AIDS.

story of india's first transgender mother
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3. Adopting Gayatri

When Gauri was 10-years-old, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without hesitating, she said, “I want to be a mother.” People laughed assuming it to be her innocence. Little did she know she would actually become a mother in future.
Gayatri was orphaned in 2001 when her mother died due to HIV AIDS. Her grandmother was about to sell her to a dealer just then Gauri got to know about her. The humanity inside her couldn’t see this happening and rushed to save Gayatri. When she took the baby in her hand she knew she became a mother that day.
Getting custody of the child wasn’t that easy, she had to prove her love for Gayatri. But she did it and fought for Gayatri’s custody. Finally, she became the first transgender person to legally adopt a child. She proved that motherhood is beyond gender.

4. Gauri Sawant now

Completely enjoying motherhood, Gauri is living a good life. Recently in 2014, when the transgenders were allowed to vote for the first time ever Gauri Sawant was appointed as one of the goodwill ambassadors of the Election Commission in Maharashtra. This was the first time a transgender was appointed as a goodwill ambassador.

So, this was the beautiful story of  India’s first transgender mother and her journey to motherhood.

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