10 Outstanding Indian Short Films You Need To Watch Right Now

With the growing penetration of the Internet, short films have become a very popular medium for story-tellers. Such films are made with the idea to tell an engaging story and it is possible to do so in less than half the time and with very less budget. Short films are also a field for aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts to come and play with their talent and skills before moving on to the big league.

Here we bring you a list of short films that you must not miss. 

1. Chutney 

A bit sweet and a whole lot spicy, this chutney has everything you could ask for! Watch this original short film presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films which would leave you with a perfect aftertaste.

2. Ahalya

Suspense, seduction, deceit. A perfect short which makes you want to hold on to your seat. An epic retold in a modern fashion. Watch this nail-biting thriller starring the legendary Soumitra Chatterjee directed by Sujoy Ghosh and presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

3. Seal

Marrying into a new household and being categorised as the ‘Homemaker’ does not make the woman’s task easy. Acceptance in the new home is a daily grind, which starts from the first night! Seal is a sweet story of a newly wed couple and their first night. Does the girl pass the test? And what do we make of this test?

4. Ouch

Watch Neeraj Pandey’s perfect take on an extramarital affair gone all wrong. Presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

5. Teaspoon

Rajiv, wife Kavita, and Rajiv’s father, live in an apartment. Rajiv works as an Insurance agent, and travels a lot. Kavita represents a Cosmetic company and works from home, as she cannot leave her paralytic father-in-law alone. Also, a habit that Kavita hates is the manner in which the old man summons her. He mulishly hangs on to a Teaspoon, which he uses to bang on the bedpost to call her. And what’s frustrating is that he never does this when Rajiv is at home. Hence Rajiv cannot understand Kavita’s frustration. A fight over dinner escalates and the resentment is carried forward to the next morning. Series of incidents become ingredients of a Molotov cocktail that lead to a disturbing end.

6. Carbon

Jackky Bhagnani finds a voice through the film, a powerful short which takes on the big issue of pollution and will make people think hard.

7. Kheer

As we age, life can get lonelier and the definition of relationships, mature. Starring Anupam Kher and Natasha Rastogi, Surya Balakrishnan’s ‘Kheer’ is a delightful serving of love and companionship where secrets get accidentally spilt and shared.

8. Cuddly

Necessity is the mother of invention. But can it replace mother’s love?

9. Mamta Tonic

A travelling saleswoman. 3 potential customers. She weighs the pros of her homemade tonic against the cons of making tough choices in life.

10. Nitishastra

Will the sister follow the known path or will she choose to take matters into her own hands? Watch Nitishastra, a perfect short starring Taapsee Pannu, directed by Kapil Verma.

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