10 Indian Men Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

India is home to around 50,000 fashion bloggers but little out of it sums up the male proportion. Yeah, these people exist too and if you spare a time around, you are ought to get impressed. Rather than bumping directly into stores, hold your breathe and tap on this blogs to have an upper hand in trends and styles. Here is the list of 10 Indian men fashion bloggers you actually need to follow right now:

1. Allen Claudius


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A perfect blog from a guy’s perspective. Be it fashion or your daily lifestyle, this is the right place. Above all, if you got a beard or bun, you must look forward to it for the resembling pictures with attractive backgrounds in the back.

2. Sarang Patil


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This blogger offers you the fashion versatility with a multitude of brands under its belt. Ranging from the simplest to the most royal, this guy has just killed every time with the style. He will offer even the most simple faces a fashion to grasp for.

3. Karron S Dhinggra

Just click on it and dive into the world of glamorous pics. This lad serves the delightful pose which you always crave for. The colors, location, contrast always complements the blogger and leave a lot to learn.

4. Usaamah Siddique

Everything from the thorough grooming to the charismatic dressing sense, this guy is always on the top of it, especially with denim.

5. Parakram SJB Rana

Parakram Rana is a Fashion Stylist from Kathmandu, Nepal who is currently based in Mumbai, India. He has worked under Vogue as a Fashion Trainee after which he worked under renowned celebrity stylists Anisha Gandhi and Rochelle D’sa.

6. Абхинав M

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This Instagrammer ravishes with every new post. The beardy dude rewards with his charismatic and playful images along with the meticulous selfies. Already with 50k followers, its a page must follow.

7. Kish

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A fashion blogger whose journey never ends and reveals so many shades of fashion. He is the model to stalk and take note of the crisp attires.

8. Jeremy Cabral

He really holds the fashion most wanted after all. You can tap the link and soothe your style. The adorable traits and complacency of the man are just amazing. It is amusing how he uses different props and blend it against the camera.

9. Riaan J. George

The lavish lifestyle can be viewed via Urban Eye. With a flavor of western and desi drapes, the attitude of this gentleman is lit.

10. Mohnish Panjabi

Have you seen the royal jewelry-clad Punjabi music albums, well this Punjabi guy just got the same swag. The whole blog provides diverse styles, dressing and fashion types with a pinch of crazy emotions. Should give a follow!

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