6 Important Things Nobody Tells You About Getting Tattoos

You are pretty excited about your new tattoo. You had done your research on the place, on the artist, on your design. Now you have this intricate design on your body that means something to you, it’s a memory. As the Cosmopolitan has put it, it’s a lot like getting married but a lot more permanent. You can’t divorce your tattoo. Ever. So here are six things you need to know after getting a tattoo:

1. You cannot donate blood

You cannot donate blood if your tattoo is less than a year old and has been done by an unregulated facility. People are usually advised not to donate blood if they have a tattoo on their body and sometimes a clean body is a prerequisite to donating blood.

six things you should know after getting a tattoo
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2. Your tattoo will start fading

Depending on the location of your tattoo, it will start fading away as the skin sheds and regrows itself over time.

3. It can take days to heal

Your tattoo will look perfect right after you get it. But after some time the skin will start peeling away like a sunburn and you might get a few scabs. Don’t fiddle with them if you want your tattoo to heal correctly.

six things you should know after getting a tattoo
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4. Your tattoo needs post-care

Self-care is very important during this period. Don’t take baths, only showers and stay away from the ocean, the pond, the swimming pool and anything that screams INFECTION! Keep your tattoo covered with an antibiotic and clean it daily with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser. If you want the colours to last, you need to slather it up with sunscreen after it heals.

5. Your tattoo ink will need touch-ups

If the ink is starting to fade away or if your tattoo hasn’t healed properly, you might need to revisit the place to get a touch-up. They might take a fee if you’re going to get a touch-up or they might not if the mistake was theirs.

six things you should know after getting a tattoo
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6. Permanent removal requires laser surgery 

Do you want to remove your ex’s name from your chest since you’ve broken up with them? Of course, at the time it seemed like your love would never falter. But, welcome to the real world where nothing is permanent. Even tattoos. You can remove them through laser surgeries only. The laser heats up and breaks the ink particles in the skin and it might take months before it has been completely removed. Plus, it will cost you more than your tattoo. You should have given this a thought before getting the tattoo but oh well! You can also use foundation and concealer to hide it but your current partner might see it anyway.

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