Love Guide: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You!

Women are cultured to be the shy one in relationships. Of course, there are also women who assert their demands but more often, women hesitate to make the first move in relationships. Since they are not completely vocal about their feelings, it is difficult for men to read and interpret their signals. Therefore, how can you be sure that she likes you? Here we have prepared a list of the ways how to tell if a girl likes you.

1. Not only will she answer your calls and texts, she will make the first move and text you herself.

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This is the surest way how to tell if a girl likes you. Women are always apprehensive about being the first one to text as they feel it can come off as clingy and needy. If she answers your texts and calls and takes the initiative to call or text you herself, this is a sure sign that she is into you and wants you to take it forward, and this is how you can tell if a girl likes you.

2. She will want to spend more time with you.

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You won’t find her cancelling her existing plans to be with you, it is too early for that. She would however, ask you if you would like to hang out with her more often. She would ask you what you are doing on a particular day just to know your schedule and make plans accordingly. This is also how you can tell if a girl likes you.

3. She will be comfortable and at ease in your company.

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There will be visible signs that she is comfortable and at ease when she is with you. You will not catch her looking at her watch to check the time every now and then. She also would put her phone away when she is with you so that it does not become a distraction. This is a very striking sign of comfort and this is how you can tell if a girl likes you. She will listen intently to what you say, nod her head and laugh wholeheartedly. Watch out for her level of comfort, that will satisfy you on how to tell if a girl likes you.

4. She will talk about her personal life.

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She will let you on a few significant details about her personal life and affairs. You will catch her talking about her dreams and aspirations and sharing her plans with you. She will also talk about her family, her past relationships, her hobbies and pet peeves. This is a proven way how to tell if a girl likes you.

5. She will smile around you more often.

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If she smiles effortlessly and genuinely when you are together, take it as a clear indication that she is into you. Women do not smile genuinely when they are uncomfortable. There is no clearer sign about how you can tell if a girl likes you, other than her wholehearted smile. She will laugh at your jokes and will have a smile on her face throughout the conversation, and this is how to tell if a girl likes you.

6. She will make an effort to look better when she meets you.

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Women like to look good when they find a potential love interest. You will find her dressed up well with hints of make-up on her face. She might even ask you which attires you like on women, and then wear something that you mention. Note this down, if she dresses up according to your preferences, that is how you can tell if a girl likes you. And since she is dressed well, she will be conscious about it. You may find her reapplying the lipstick or foundation. If you see her making an effort to look good in your presence, take my word for it, this is how to tell if a girl likes you.

7. She will ask you to come back to her place.

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She will invite you back to her place and that is how you can tell if a girl likes you. Women do not invite people they don’t like to their homes, not even as a courtesy. If she asks you to have a drink at her place, then she likes you. Period.

8. She develops an interest in your interests.

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You will not find her talking just about herself. She will be interested to know more about you, hence she will ask you about your hobbies and interest. Even if she does not follow something that interests you, like football or video games, she will take an interest in those in an effort to click better with you. If you are still confused about how to tell if a girl likes you, follow up on how interested she is in you.

9. Her body language will speak for itself.

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Her posture and body language will speak volumes about whether she likes you back or not. You will catch her looking at you, trying to make eye-contact, and then blushing when you catch her doing so. She will touch and play with her hair, all women do this when they feel bashful in the romantic way. Watch out for these signals, they are you answer to how you can tell if a girl likes you. She will also subtly signal you that she likes you by touching your arm frequently, especially after cracking jokes. Scrutinizing her body language is a great way how you can tell if a girl likes you.

10. She remembers everything that you say.

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If she likes you, she will listen to all you have to say because she wants to know you better and not just for the sake of passing the time. You will notice that she remembers everything that you have said down to the smallest detail. Don’t be surprised by this, she wouldn’t want to memorize everything unless she liked you! How to tell if a girl likes you, is all in the details.

11. She has told her friends about you.

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How you can tell if a girl likes you – her friends can provide you with the answer. Women have a close-knit group of trusted friends whom they let on every detail of their lives. If she likes you, she will talk to her friends about you and you may find her friends teasing her about her new “crush”. That’s you, and you have your answer to how you can tell if a girl likes you.

12. Conversations take place effortlessly.

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You don’t have to force conversations or scour for topics while talking to her. If you feel that the conversation is forced, for example, if she gives you one-word answers or nods instead of answering, then she might not be interested in you. You can talk about little things effortlessly for quite long. That’s how you can tell if a girl likes you. The conversation will not feel forced.

13. She doesn’t like you flirting with other girls.

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If she disapproves you flirting or being too friendly with other girls, she really likes you. All women are possessive about what they like. If she has taken an interest in you, she will not approve to you being ‘available’ for other women. This is how you can tell if a girl likes you.

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Every guy should keep these in mind as men and women have different dating etiquettes. Reciprocation is an important element in all relationships. These points will definitely provide you all answers you may need on how you can tell if a girl likes you. It would be wrong to expect women to take the lead unless they say so. These points will come in handy to know if a girl likes you, and accordingly, you can take your relationship to the next level.

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