How To Select The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Ever felt that good day sunshine, neither too sharp or cold. Won’t it be awesome if you can just enjoy the warmth and make a challenging gaze to the sun? Well, the answer is poured in the perfect sunglasses. Whether it’s the eye protection or adding a smart touch to your style, sunglasses are always at your service. But not every sunglass will make you shine, here comes the crucial factor- your face shape! So here’s the guide to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape:

How To Select The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

1. Sunglasses For Oblong Face

Sunglasses For Oblong Face

O’ long face, yes but not as wide as the oval. You need to grab the tall frames and conceal your long dimensions. Prohibit the ones that tend to narrow down your face. The broad glasses will assist you to look stylish and strike the correct balance chord.

2. Sunglasses For Square Face

Sunglasses For Square Face

Squares make way for the curves. Pick up the curvy or circular frames which will enhance your face figure. Take the note to not fall for square or box frames, as you might not be willing to accentuate your face by showcasing a Box-in the-Box bubble.

3. Sunglasses For Round Face

Sunglasses For Round Face

So, go back to Square one and do vice-versa. It’s time to pick angular or geometrical frames and point up your round face. You make check out squares, rectangle or other sided shapes. They will boost your facial features and fit you well with the proportions.

4. Sunglasses For Oval Face

Sunglasses For Oval Face

Ovals are the odd guys with an awesome advantage. Just enjoy the extravaganza and pull off any style, you’ve got the whole pool of glasses to splash on your face. Make sure not to go too oversize or diminished, you may stand risk to fall.

5. Sunglasses For Diamond Face

Sunglasses For Diamond Face

You are destined for the curvy styles and to curb your angles. The most trendy are the cat-eye frames signaling a stud look. Look out for the best match and take care of the cheekbone area, you should not oversize it and just a proper glance will do the work.

6. Sunglasses For Triangle Face

Sunglasses For Triangle Face

The three side pointy face calls for tenacious shades. Opt for the pilot and angular frames that gives scope to your face line. Low and narrow frames should never be summoned and make way for the straight-top frames. You can harness the most from your jawlines and impress others.

7. Sunglasses For Heart Face

Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Face

Go down to the heart! All you need to crave for are the bottom-heavy frames. Such style drifts the attention downwards and gives your charming details efficiently. So avoid the upstream flow and assert yourself to rhyme up with those rimless frames.

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