How To Pop A Pimple The Right Way Without Getting Marks On Face

Pimples can be frustrating. They can suddenly pop up on the face and can ruin the date that you have been expecting for a long time. Though no matter the situation if you can cope up with nature then its best to let your acne heal on its own. In most situations forcing a pimple leads to worsening the situation. However, there are methods and precautions that you can keep in mind to deal with pimples.

1. Know the type

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It is first and foremost important to realize what is the maturity of a pimple. If it has a white head then it is safe to deal with otherwise pricking a premature pimple could leave scars upon your face.

2. Ready the tools

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Gather a sharp sewing needle and rubbing alcohol. Keep in mind that if you are not an adult then do not even think about doing this without supervision. You would require a little bit of surgical instincts to go about it (don’t worry).

3. Prepare

Before you begin it is important to disinfect everything. Use the rubbing alcohol and apply to your pimple, fingers and thoroughly clean the needle. It is a vital step to prevent any sort of infection.

4. Prick Pimple wisely

Take the needle and pierce the white head of the pimple so that pus could flow out. Be careful while doing anything like this. Bringing a needle closer to your face could cause serious accidents if you are not careful. Then, gently squeeze with your fingertips to clean the pimple. Stop immediately if you begin to see blood coming out of it and also if it fails to reduce in size. It is best in those scenarios to leave it alone. If done properly popping a pimple helps in healing process. Clean your skin with an astringent after the process is done and moisturize the skin gently.

5. Beware

The cupid’s bow (that ridge below the nose) and the side of the lips are the areas where a pimple should not be popped. This could lead to the forcing of the pus into the blood vessels and clog into the brain. Apart from this again make sure that a pimple has been matured enough to be uprooted.

These tips should let your skin remain scar free if you stick with these details. And keep it in mind, in the end, it is just a pimple and not the end of the world.

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