How To Dress Best According To Your Body Shape: A Man’s Guide

Gone are the days when we used to settle with elder siblings donation and endorse their outfits. This is the era of alteration and best fit. Obviously, you need to get along with trends and pick up the style, but watch out for the smart hinge – The Shape Of You. Once you have deciphered the key styles pertaining to your body shape, you are absolutely good to go.

How To Dress Best According To Your Body Shape


The following piece will take you to the best dressing guide in accordance with your shape:

1. Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangular body type is enclosed with the shoulders running same as the waist. Bearing with the tall and slender structure, prefer clothing to enhance your upper width.  Try for the circular necklines, clothes protruding stripes and layered looks. Opt for meticulous tailored clothes especially blazers and make your statement.

2. Triangle Body Shape

Seems funny relating to a human body but don’t be surprised gazing the narrow shoulders spreading wider down to the waist. Your aim should be to counter the disproportions. Make distance from the skinny jeans or polo shirts and opt for dark shades. Jump for the vertical stripes to revamp your upper part.

3. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Flip the triangle and you are here. Here the masculine shoulders dwarf the below region. Your emphasis should be to highlight the key features by picking up slim fits. Add the V-neck to shirts to your collection and don’t forget to grab a belt. Having the perks of a muscular physique and slim from the stomach, you will always have an edge over others.

4. Oval Body Shape

A guy having an oval in the middle is always putting strenuous efforts to go more slimmer in the middle. As a result both your shoulders as well as the waist fall short in width. You ought to get more length with vertical stripes and fitted trousers. The sheer suspenders play the best buddy in addition to neckties which draws attention to the upper torso.

5. Trapezoid Body Shape

Also rhymed as rhomboid shape, it puts a strain on rectangle from the upside i.e. broader shoulders. They possess an added gift for more physical stuff and trying a variety of patterns. Explore the well fit shirts and trousers just circling the waistline. The jacket and suit will be the cherry on top for the charming personality.

Of all the above shapes, the one which you carry is outstanding. Just believe in oneself and strive forward to maintain the fitness and never compromise with the schedule. And guess what you will always find your shape on the greener side.

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