How To Become A Male Stripper In India?

If you wanna become a professional stripper and struggling on how and where to even start, here are some tips for you on how to become a male stripper.

Build Your Personality

The first and foremost. If you are looking forward to become a male stripper, your personality has to be charming. There’s no two ways about it. From body to body language to your costume everything about you should mesmerize the person in front of you. You have to be super confident.

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Build Your Body

Can’t emphasize more on how important this part is. Your body is your accessory. Most important thing for a stripper is their body. Your body has to be in a very good shape, well built, not as bulky as wrestler but should have muscles and abs. Well shaved, oiled and muscular body can woo anyone. With a good body shape comes confidence which will help you in a long run.

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You Should Be A Good Dancer

Your dancing skills should be really smooth. Extra points if you know pole dancing, your body movements should be appealing. You can go to dance classes, this will not only help you with your dancing skills but also help you become more social. Get innovative with dancing, add your own twists to the steps, make it more sexy. You can create your own signature steps or dance routine.

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Build An Appealing Portfolio

Dreaming big on this? If wanna go all professional, have a good photo shoot. Please take a professional’s help, it is very necessary to have a professional photo shoot, it should not look cheap. Your portfolio will help you doing your job in a professional way and help your company to advertise you.

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Be Respectful Towards Your Customers

Women do love it when you are respectful towards them. But be it men or women being respectful will score you extra points. Maintain a good relation with them, but having romantic relationship is a huge no no.

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Enjoy Your Work

Don’t get bothered by what people say, some will be disrespectful and make fun of you or your job. But hey! who cares? All you know is you love your work and enjoy doing it. When you are genuinely happy then only you can make your customers happy.

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So these were few tips that will help you become a charismatic stripper. So go ahead build your body and personality and woo everyone. Don’t forget to have a cool stage name;)

And if you don’t like to go to gym and wanna build an awesome stripper body Here Are 5 Tips To Get Fit AF, Without Hitting Gym

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