9 Ways How Every Small Town Guy Is Stereotyped

India is a vast country with a great regional diversity. Almost 70% of Indians belong to rural areas leaving the so-called urban with a little share. Still, when a guy lands in a big city with a pack full of dreams, all he ripes, at first sight, are the small town stereotypes. The impressions are inbuilt as if the tides from the small town are vulnerable.

Let’s ride through some of the types which need to get stir away from urban minds:

1. Lack of Hygiene

You speak of a small place, and all it propels but an unhealthy image. It’s not all true, some of the best health facilities in the country stand tall in rural areas. The hazardous pollution level is alarming in metros while the small town remains the place with a healthy and natural environment.

2. Native Tongue

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India has an ample number of language and dialects, henceforth there people accounts for showcasing that diversity. You may not apprehend them at once, but the way they are withholding heritage is commendable.

3. Not Well-Off

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Not every guy is another middle-class boy. People are prosperous and that’s why they can afford luxurious lives in big cities. Not to forget the mighty landlords, families with ample immovable assets, they are equally lavish as any other urban family.

4. Bad Education

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Some of the celeb CEOs trace their roots to small villages, the same place which accounts for their preliminary education. So calling it low-class would normally put a question mark on their abilities.

5. A Tiny Home

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The slums or huts we visualize constitutes only a half-baked image. Your friend might be residing in a mansion back home. The farm-house, havelis with some of the finest architectures are the hallmark of small towns.

6. Irresponsible/ Deceitful

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For the note, you’ll not find any hardworking fellow than the one from towns. Those are the guys attached with roots ushering from a lot of household work. The zeal and commitment they possess are almost hard to find.

7. No Entertainment

What these people on weekend do! Sorry but small towns also have super-markets(thanks to Walmart) and Multiplexes. There are community parks guaranteeing enough joy and fun for the families.

8. No Site Seeing

Small towns have the real boon of nature. Along with the beautiful scenic locations, they are home to a list of ancient monuments. All you need is to start your car and you are just hours away from nature’s lap.

9. Dull Lifestyle

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It’s exasperating when people generalize small towns and make them out to be mundane. Really, you can never find a more familiar atmosphere. The vibrant commotions, affable interactions and hard to find solitude, are just some feathers in their cap.

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