This Is Why You Shouldn’t Take Health Advice From Celebrities

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for weight loss and being in shape seems to be coming from these new age “social media influencers” who are giving alternate ways of being healthy and fit. Most of these influencers and self-appointed fitness gurus seem to have an almost perfect body and hence they set an unrealistic parameter which is almost impossible to match. Celebrities today set the standard of what is beautiful and fit and a huge chunk of the youth join the rate race of following a crazy diet and fitness routine in their aspiration of getting that perfect body.

So the question that now becomes important is how far should we go in following these health tips and pieces of advice given by the influencers and celebrities? The answer is not at all. And we will tell you exactly why you should refrain from doing so.

1. They aren’t Professionals

Most of the influencers who have crowned themselves as fitness gurus aren’t qualified to be giving out health advice. A background check would actually reveal that most of them don’t have any credible degree or qualifications for becoming a health expert. If you are actually serious about being fit or seeking sound medical advice, always go to a doctor or a trained professional.

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2. You don’t have the resources as they do

This applies mainly to celebrities. As Sonam Kapoor herself had confessed that it takes an army of people and an insane amount of money to make celebrities look like the way they do. If a certain diet or an exercise routine doesn’t work out for them, they would always have the option of switching to something new. Also, they can seek help easily to reverse any damage that the diet and exercise routine might have caused. So before you gear up to follow a diet or plan suggested by them, ask yourself whether you can actually afford it.

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3. Brand Deals

Much of the products promoted by social media influencers are sponsored and hence there is a pretty good chance that they themselves don’t use that product. There is nothing wrong with brand deals but the problem is often the influencers themselves don’t verify the products that they are actually helping sell and hence the harmful potential of these products may go unchecked. Hence it is very important for you to verify what products you are using and not just simply accept whatever is being served to you.

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4. All that glitters is not gold

Lastly, always remember, whatever is shown to you is not 100% authentic. Most of the celebrities and influencers indulge in a generous dose of editing formatting to actually look “flawless”. The everyday “no make up look” has behind it a ton of make- up. So don’t be fooled by the apparent perfection of these celebrities and always focus on being healthy first.

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To put it very simply, if you want to pursue the unrealistic beauty standards that have been set by the influencers and celebrities you’re simply going to end up being frustrated and unhappy. Don’t allow yourself to be a part of that rat race. Your health is too precious to be left at the mercy of these self-proclaimed gurus. Always seek actual professional medical advice and help if you should need one.

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Above all focus on being real and your own kind of beautiful.

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