Have Safe Sex Without Condoms! | 10 Alternatives To Condoms

The condom company brands are going to get shocked by reading this article. Alternatives to condoms are not to hinder their sales but ensuring not to hinder any comfort while sexual encounter. The first thing that comes to our mind when we want to have a safe pregnancy-free sexual intercourse is condoms. But they don’t provide comfort while having the actual fun. Some cases it’s the male who is reluctant to use it while most of the other cases are when the female hesitates to use it as they don’t stimulate enough pleasure. It is indeed a need to solve your girlfriend’s issue.

Moreover, apart from pleasure condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and STDs. If condoms aren’t providing pleasure, then it is time to look for alternatives to condoms.

Sex is nothing without pleasure. Isn’t it?
Now let us check out the 10 best alternatives to condoms


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Yes, you guessed it right. As the name sounds so, spermicide is a chemical that ensures birth control. This birth controlling chemical has to be put in the female reproductive organ so that it will stop the sperm from reaching the eggs thereby preventing pregnancy.


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Fertility Awareness Methods. This is one of the oldest alternatives to condoms and the safest as well. There various methods to track the female’s ovulation like the temperature method, cervical mucus method or the Calendar method. Tracking the ovulation helps to know the menstrual cycle so that it will indicate when will eggs get released.


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This is the best alternative for condoms if you are looking for a permanent solution. Surgical methods are always effective but come with a big price comparatively.


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Tubal ligation is another surgical method to prevent pregnancy. This is a permanent solution where the female sterilization is done. It is a 100% effective method as the surgery blocks the pathway of eggs so that sperms can never reach it.

Cervical Cap

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Cervical cap or the FEM cap is a little cup-like shaped soft silicone material which acts as an alternative to condoms. This when inserted deep into the female reproductive organ, vagina it acts as a lid to stop the sperms from entering in.

Adding spermicide to the cervical cap adds more effectiveness.

The Sex Sponge

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This contraceptive sponge is a combination of the cervical cap and spermicide. This is a small, round sponge made from soft and squishy plastic which has to be put deep inside the vagina before sex. It will not only block the sperms from going beyond it but the spermicide applied on the sponge will kill it. However, these can’t prevent STDs.


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Diaphragms are similar to cervical cap or the FEM caps, but these are more effective as this one properly covers the cervix in the female reproductive organ. Comes in various shapes according to the individual’s comfort and size. Just like the cervical cap, if this diaphragm is applied with spermicide before inserting it deep inside the vagina, pregnancy prevention effectiveness increases.

Birth Control Implant

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The birth control implants are next-gen technology feature brought into birth control methods. This implant is a small thin rod in the size of a matchstick which when implanted into any part of the body prevents the release of hormones that helps in pregnancy. Usually, these are implanted in the hands.  Even the implant scars go away within a few months.

This method prevents pregnancy for 5 long years. Get-it-forget-it birth control.


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Birth control pills in the market are humongous. Look for an authorized one that just releases hormones. These medicines with hormones need to be taken on a daily basis and on time. The pills stop the ovulation process through hormones preventing egg creation which is needed for the pregnancy to happen.

Birth Control Patches

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Birth control patches are the best alternatives to condoms. It is a transdermal contraceptive patch which is safe, simple, and an affordable birth control method that should be worn on the skin of the belly, upper arm, butt, or back.

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Just like the pills the patch also contains hormones estrogen and progestin. The patch absorbs this pregnancy causing hormones in a super simple way saying no to surgery and chemicals without sacrificing the pleasure in the sexual encounter.

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