9 Steps To Live A Happy Life According To The World’s Happiest Man


Who is the happiest man in the world? Well, its certainly not you or your BFF but the title is currently held by Mr. Matthieu Ricard, the French genetic scientist turned Buddhist monk. The Frenchman made it to India almost 40 years ago to explore Buddhism and ended up being a close amigo of Dalai Lama in the Himalayas to pursue meditation.

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Here are the tips from the monk for a happy life:

1. Make your Mind a Mirror

All the images in the mirror are temporary, they pass by as soon as the objects are removed. Try the exact with your thoughts. Never let some thoughts stay and create a mournful impression on your mind.

2. Benevolence & Altruism are the Keys

Even the richest men in the world have a knack for charity, it is the only thing which can introduce you with eternal pleasure. Never pull back your helping hands to be the kind, selfless guy.

3. The comparison is the Slayer of Happiness

Happiness is only found when you stop comparing yourself to others. Self-trust is very important and for the better progress, compare with your past stats. See how you have improved your own self.

4. Murder the rhetoric “Me Me Me”

That egocentric personality is the big hurdle which restricts your joy. Thinking only about yourself will always give you nothing but worries. Ditch those feelings, why shall it can’t be “We We We”.

5. Make Way for Meditation

What they say is like drain your mind and let the peace flow in! Actually, it comes down to being calm. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the precious little time you have carved out for yourself and embrace the divine peace.

6. Endless 15 Minutes to Merry

Spare time daily for good vibes. Be aware to let only good and cheerful thoughts in your brain for that 10-15 minutes and maintain the exercise daily. Just go on with it for next 40-50 years, voila you can be the next Ricard!

7. Control Your Center

It’s almost irresistible from bumping on other thoughts, but all it demands is control and practice. Focus your mind and drive it to one direction and remain in the positive state for the rest of the time.

8. Obviously, Frustrations will be There

In the natural course of life, you will encounter myriad emotions, irritations too. But have the burst of laughter because all this are just so silly things for which you are caring about. Smile on silly and move on.

9. Happiness is not an Overnight Phenomenon

You simply can’t aspire sitting in the lap of nature for a day, that the ultimate happiness will knock on your doors. It’s a present delivered only when your rigorous efforts and the natural aura comes to fruition. All it demands is the change. Get changed and be the change for others.

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