Happn Guide – How To Make Perfect Profile To Get Matches You Want

In today’s world, love is literally a swipe away. You don’t wait around anymore to run into the woman or man of your dreams. Rather you go out and make things happen.

Dating apps have become the holy grail of modern dating and one such app that is really causing some tremors in the market is Happn. It is an app that helps you connect to people based on how near they are to you. Wondering how can you make the perfect profile and get matches? Read on to find out

1. Focus on your pictures

It might sound super shallow but that is how online dating works. You have to sell yourself and that is what the truth is. Stay away from overused poses and backgrounds. Gym selfies, those cliched selfies with cars just don’t work anymore. While, it is important to look good on your profile, don’t go over the top with editing apps. Show the real you. Put up pictures that reflect some parts of your personality, for example, a picture of you doing something you love or a GENUINE candid picture laughing your griefs away. Always remember to keep it real.

Happn Guide-How To Make Perfect Profile To Get Matches
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2. Add substance to your bio

In case you are under the impression that having no bio piques interest among people, let us tell you, IT DOES NOT. It simply shows a lack of effort. So invest your time in writing a good bio. Don’t be too vague and don’t write everything about yourself in the bio either. Strike the right balance so that she gets an idea about the type of person you are yet she is intrigued to know more.

Happn Guide-How To Make Perfect Profile To Get Matches
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3. Don’t snooze on the geographical ice breaker

Since you can see when you’re near a match, you might as well make the most of that and talk about it in the app. For example if you see your match nearby suggest a bar or a restaurant that you think will be of common interest.  Create a conversation opener and possibly a first date at once.

Happn Guide-How To Make Perfect Profile To Get Matches
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So there you go, an easy-breezy guide on perfecting the art of online dating on Happn. And yes, in case you have bagged your first date and wondering how to go about it, here is some help


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