This Will Answer All Your Questions On Hairbrushes!

When we talk about hair care, the first things that come to our minds are shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils, hairsprays and appliances like straighteners and curlers. Hairbrushes are probably last on the list of hair care needs, which actually is very wrong. Unless we are brushing our hair with the correct brush in the correct way, no matter how much we spend on imported brands of shampoos, our hair problems will just be the same. In this article, we will talk about different kinds of hairbrushes and in which situations they must be used.

1. Hair Brush Sponge
Insten Double Sided Twists Hair Brush Sponge Locking Twist Coil Afro Curl Wave (Size: 5.51" x 3.74" x 2.76") - Black
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Very popular among men, also called curl sponge and afro sponge. They work wonders on short hair. It works on slightly damp hair and is inexpensive. They however cause tangles and are not suitable for long hair.

2. Denman Brush
Denman Large Brush — $19.00
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An excellent detangler, as the name suggests, and prevents frizz. Works great for curly hair, both short and long, and gets dandruff out easily. The vented brush is a variation of the Denman brush.

3. Paddle Brush
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Gone are the days when only women would use different kinds of hairbrushes for achieving different styles. A paddle brush is unisex, and works great in giving volume to curly hair. They also help in getting the dandruff out, and promotes good blood-circulation throughout the scalp. Like most other round brushes, they work well for straight thick hair.

4. Hair Pick
Wish | Wood Afro Comb Pick Upright Wide Tooth Curly Hair Pick No Static Wooden Comb (Color: Multicolor)
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The quintessential comb that everyone should have. They are very helpful in case you encounter lice in your hair. They can also work as a styling equipment, giving you the 70s pop-star curls.

5. Military Palm Brush
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As the name suggests, these brushes are very handy when you have to comb and style your hair in a very short time. the handle of these brushes fit into your palm and it’s like you are running your fingers through your hair. They are known to be good detanglers.

6. Wide Toothed Comb
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Your ultimate friend and bae if you have curly or wavy hair that tangles very easily. Also useful if you have hairfall problem. Other kinds of bristles can detangle hair at the cost of you losing some strands of your hair, but that is when this saviour comes in.

7. Pocket Comb
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The handiest tool one can have while travelling. These are usually very small so that they can fit into your pocket, have small pointy bristles that are narrowly place beside each other. They are a handy comb when you are outdoors, but if you have thick hair, they might cause problems while detangling and also lead to hairfall.

8. Foldable Comb
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As handy as the pocket comb, perfect for when you are outdoors. They have bristles spread out in a wider arrangement, hence are better detanglers and do not tear your hair.

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Hairbrushes are the lesser known agents of good hair care. They add shine and volume, detangle your hair, distribute oils throughout and massage the scalp, and ensure good blood circulation on the scalp. They are in no way less important than shampoos and oils, in fact, since they manage your hair after the shampooing and oiling is done, they are more important to your hair than anything else. With this guide to different kinds of hairbrushes, make sure that you understand what your hair needs and buy the correct hairbrush.

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