10 Reasons Why You Might Be Experiencing Hair Fall

Hairfall is a real problem that 2 out of 3 men will have to face in their lifetime. Too bad but this is a curse for us most men. You can, however, increase the life of your hair by treating them properly. Your genes are the most prominent reason for your hair fall, but not the only reason for it. Every day we make so many blunders which initiate or fastens hair fall and some of these we do not even know. Just by preventing these mistakes we can increase the life of our air to a great extent.

These are the few mistakes which are causing your hair to weaken:

1. Diet

10 Reasons That Are Leading To Hairfall
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Everything you eat affects the whole of your body somehow, You are what you eat is real. The food that you eat has a huge impact on your hair growth. Your body gives you various signals when you are getting unhealthy food. One of those signs is a sudden loss of hair when you are not getting enough protein, it can damage your perfectly healthy hair, and inhibit your body’s ability to form new follicles.

2. Stress

This one came in as a shocker but your emotional and mental health can also be a reason for your hair loss. Taking too much stress for to much time can take a toll on your physical as well can mental health. Stress and anxiety can cause different conditions which make you lose your hair. One of these conditions makes your hair so weak that hair starts falling when you run your hands through them. It can also make your immune system attack your hair follicles which cause your hair to start thinning.

3. Too Much Heat Causes Hair Fall

Well, this one is no secret, the more heat you apply to your hair the weaker you are making your follicles. heat causes your hair to become thinner and also lose their grip with the scalp. You should start limiting your usage of your dryers, straighteners, and your other heat tools. Heat make your hair dry and more prone to breakage and consequently falling out.

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4. Product

10 Reasons That Are Leading To Hairfall
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The amount and the quality of the product being used by you is one of the main causes of your hair is being damaged and falling out. If you use a product that is high in paraben content or has a high alcohol content, you need to change to a better more high-quality product. You should also not use too much of any product as most products weaken your hair and it is also lost during tuck and pull.

5. Washing Too Often

First of all, washing means using a shampoo and not just watering your hair on during our calm and comfy warm showers. Using shampoo daily strips your hair of all the essentials oils that it requires for a more nourished and healthier scalp. You should be washing your hair every two to three days for a more healthier scalp. Washing your hair too much can also cause them to be dry and break off.

6. Substance Abuse

10 Reasons That Are Leading To Hairfall
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Don’t do drugs kids. Well, if you wanna go bald and be mentally and physically hurt, then go for it by all means. Some substances can interfere in your hair growth cycle which cause it to cause temporary hair loss leading to permanent damage. Some medications also do this and damage your hair for a long period.

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7. The Wrong Hairbrush Can Cause Hair Fall

10 Reasons That Are Leading To Hairfall
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Whenever buying a hairbrush you should always buy the one which is soft on your scalp but also lets you control your hair. Hairbrush does a lot of tuck and pulls which leads to serious hair damage sometimes. Wooden hairbrushes are always your best bets and if too much of your hair is falling off due to hairbrushes just use a comb.

8. Not Oiling Regularly

10 Reasons That Are Leading To Hairfall
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Your hair produces natural oils for the growth, conditioning, and nutrition for your hair, but those washes off while we shampoo our hair, that is why they become dull and lifeless. So, we should use different types of oils regularly to keep them well-nourished at all times. Coconut oils and Argon oils are your best bets.

9. Hairstyle

The hairstyle you chose to do effects your hair health a lot e.g. If you tie your hair in a bun or a knot your hair will be weekend due to the constant pulling. You should choose a hairstyle which looks good and also protects your hair to cause minimum damage to it.

10. Improper Towel Usage

10 Reasons That Are Leading To Hairfall
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We men tend to rough scrub our hair with a towel after a shower. While it looks “super cool” it is highly damaging to your hair, really visible on the towel that you must have used for this thrilling scrubbing. Just see the towel after you are done with this scrub fiasco, it would be covered in hair. Just use a soft towel and gently pad it on top of your hair.

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