9 Gym Etiquette Blunders That Make You an Asshole

Gym Etiquette! Etiquettes, in general, are the rules of a good behavior and they are never old-fashioned or out of date. They are something which stays with you intrinsically or extrinsically. We are well mannered if we are sitting at a fine dining place but the situation is totally different when you are at the gym.

I accept the fact that you are at your best when doing those sleeve bursting bicep curls or triceps overheads. Is it because of the adrenaline rush or the pre-workout getting in your nerves or this is just you are showing disregard to the equipment you’re using or the sleek person working out next to you.

I love going to the gym, it’s one of my happy places and I know the gym is an intimidating and besides the weight dropping or grunting, there is a much secret code of conduct which many of us may not be aware. Irrespective of the reasons one has there are many ways one can show consideration about others.

What does proper gym etiquettes consist of? They are not some rocket science but a sheer common sense.

1. Dress for success

Dressing appropriately tops the chart when it comes to gym etiquettes. C’mon you can’t do cardio in flip-flops or do bench press in skinny fit jeans.

2. Keep your mobile phones in sssshhhh mode

Technology has taken a huge toll on today’s generation. Hang on. I’m no different, but I put it on the rack when I’m working out. You can get back to it but at least be honest with you for those 40-45 minutes. Why I’m stressing on it because there are people focusing on their workout and the loss of concentration can harm someone. Please, don’t be compelled to answer them mid-workout.

3. Don’t talk to others while they are in the middle of set or workout

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As I mentioned it may lead to serious injury to someone who’s exerting enough power and force to lift that squat or the deadly deadlift. So, hold your horses, the conversation can wait until after the workout.

4. Don’t block someone’s view of the mirror

Gosh.! Been a victim? I’m sure we all have faced this situation where people are blocking your way from the mirror because their muscle is getting pumped just by looking at it. I wish if it was true. So, people do your best to stay out of the line of sight of the person who’s looking intensely into the mirror and doing dumbbell curls. And the only reason behind it is that the person is checking his/her form and posture.

5. Don’t leave your sweat on the bench

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Please. Please. Please wipe the equipment or the bench after you have used it. People sweat and that’s alright and that’s the reason you are there but what is not alright is you leaving your sweat all over the machine. Gross. This is extremely stupid, unwise, and lazy. Don’t tell me you can’t lift a towel you’re so tired! If that’s the case, then you have bigger problems in your life than an unaesthetic body.

6. Don’t drop the dumbbells and rerack it after using it

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A few bunches of he-man’s doing some Avengers stint that even the Avengers, especially Thor, would be ashamed of. Don’t drop the dumbbells on the floor because in this way you are destroying the equipment and honestly if you are destroying it, you’re doing it wrong. And, if you think you are looking cool by dropping it, I assure you. Nobody cares. And why I’m asking you to rerack it because somebody could trip and badly hurt themselves on a dumbbell. If you can pick it up from the dumbbell rack, I’m pretty much sure you can put it back.

7. Stop Staring that Ass buddy

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Control your emotions pal.! Control your emotions. Don’t make others feel uncomfortable by staring at them.

8. Be a student, be a teacher

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If someone’s offering you advice, accept it. They’re telling because they think it’s right and they know what they are talking about or else they wouldn’t bother. And, at the same point of time be a teacher too. If you see someone doing the exercise with no form and posture, correct him/her. Just make sure you’re doing it because you want to help, not because you want to satisfy your ego and bask in the satisfaction of knowing that you’re better than somebody else. You’re not, you just happen to have a valuable piece of information that deserves to be shared with others.

9. Go Hard or go home

Invest those 40-45 minutes like you are not going to get it again. Come to the gym with a goal, a fitness goal, not the desire to get laid.

There are plenty of other advises or gym etiquettes but I believe these are enough for you to be a nice gentleman on the premises. So, stay cool, use equipment like it’s yours and be alert to your surroundings. Hustle up.

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