4 Grooming Tips To Ace Your First Date

Let’s face it, it today’s day and age of swiping right, dating can be really hard. A lot depends on that first impression that you cast. Those precious couple of hours that you spend with her will make or break your chance of getting a second date.

So gentlemen here are certain grooming tips which will set you apart from the crowd and trust us, if you follow these tips, it will be pretty hard for her to deny you that second date.

1. Smell Good

The importance of smelling good on a date cannot be overstated. Body odour will definitely be a deal breaker on a first date. Make sure not to apply an excessive amount of your everyday deodorant in an attempt to smell good. Invest in a quality perfume. Don’t go for something too strong or too mild. Pick something that is understated yet pleasant and you will be good to go.

Smell Good
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2. Focus on your shoes

It is an old saying that you can judge a man by his shoes, so make sure she judges you right. It is not just enough to wear clean shoes; you must wear the right shoes with the right clothes. If you are planning to wear something casual and laidback then it is okay to opt for sneakers, but if you are planning to dress in formals do go for formal shoes. Don’t be afraid to experiment as long as your shoes compliment your entire look.

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3. Basic Hygiene

This is so very important. Make sure your beard is well groomed, your breath is fresh, your hair isn’t scattered and the other basics. We often overlook the importance of these small aspects, but they go a long way in reflecting your personality.

4. Dress Well

When you’re are going on a first date it is important to show that you are serious about it and your attitude reflects in the way you dress. Landing up in your everyday tee and jeans sends out the message that you are not serious enough for the date. Put in a little effort, take a little bit more time to get ready. Sure, you don’t have to go overboard but your overall appearance should show that you’re going on a date and not attend a college lecture.

Dress Well
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So what are you waiting for, follow these tips and sweep her off her feet on the very first day.

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