How Can You Get Over Your Online Dating Anxiety

Online dating is sweeping the world off its feet. Wherever you go and whoever you see seems to have met their current partner on Tinder, Grindr, or some site or the other. I have a friend who asked his now-girlfriend out on Tinder. Surprisingly, they’re happy.

But not everyone can muster the courage to initiate a flirty conversation on a dating app. You think you’ve sent them the perfect text but five crucial seconds later you’re over-analysing every word. What if they think you’re lame? What if it wasn’t as perfect as you had envisioned it to be? Or maybe you can’t think of the anything to tell them. Do you tell them about your non-existent dog? Do you tell them how you can do armpit-farts? How do you get over that anxiety building over you? Here are five tips for you to get over your dating app anxiety:

how to get over your online dating anxiety

1. You will be rejected

Let’s not mull over fantasies. There’s a 99% chance you will be rejected on your first try. The odds are against you and there’s no way you can turn it in your favour. The sooner you accept it, the better you will become at handling rejections. This article will help you understand the statistics better.

2. Your profile can never be perfect

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” And it holds true for online dating app profiles as well. If you’re a sarcastic person then someone who doesn’t understand it will take offence. And someone who is into witty and charming answers will immediately be turned off by your straightforward bio. If your bio is attractive to some people, it’s not to others.

3. Don’t overthink, move on

You have matched with someone and have sent them a quick text. Don’t go back until they’ve texted you. The more you stare at your text, the uglier it will become. Have you ever clicked a nice picture of yourself and then deleted it because you stared at it for 2 hours? It’s a lot like that. Overanalysing every detail won’t make the other person send you a message immediately. If the person doesn’t reply then you know what you have to do – MOVE ON.

how to get over your online dating anxiety

4. Be-you-tiful

Your room reflects your personality and so does your Tinder profile. But you cannot morph your profile into something unrecognizable to you. Be who you are. If you want to crack a joke then go you, and if you’re someone who just wants to write ‘I like dogs’ then you do you. Don’t try to mimic someone you’re not.

5. Like attracts like

Your profile now reflects who you are. You have swiped right to some ladies. And we’re assuming they’ve seen your profile as well. The right person will swipe right too. If your profile is authentic, it will attract the right and compatible people. Terms and conditions apply.

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