Gays Are Threats! Spot Them Before They Harm You

Lately, there has been a rise in the Pride Community and all the LGBTQ People are coming out and moving around freely. Oh my god, that is so dangerous, isn’t it? Being comfortable about their sexuality! The Horror! Well, their sexuality must be hard to digest for your brain (which lacks sexuality of course). Well, what if the person sitting next to you in a club is Gay! You are in great danger, aren’t you? Well, it’s pretty easy to spot a gay guy, keep reading.

The Dressing 

If you look closely you may observe. If a guy is wearing bright colors, especially a lot of Pink, then obviously he is gay, right? Because masculinity is now defined by darker colors like black, just like the mentality of dark ages.

Man in Pink
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The Accessories

Well, what can be more gay about a man than the fact that he is using some kind of accessories? Look at his ears, is he wearing earrings? Is he carrying a cloth bag instead of a leather bag? Surely gay! Run for your life!

Robert downy jr
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Facial features

The face says a lot of things. Are his eyebrows trimmed and groomed? Has his genetics blessed him with pink lips and long eyelashes? These genetically acquired features make him gay, right?

augustus waters
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Physical Attributes

Well, if a man is not muscular is he even a straight, masculine man? No, of course not. Because being straight or gay always depends on the number of muscles and abs you have right. Gays don’t have abs, do they? Because they are too gay to go to the gym right. Only straight men go to the gym. Duh!

justin beiber
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Lack of Masculinity

Masculinity is so fragile, isn’t it? It is defined by only certain, definite features, like broad straight shoulders, mustache, tough body, and of course a rough behavior with people who are slightly different. So, if you see a man with a thin waist, and soft hands, he is gay. And if he cries and is good with kids, that man can’t be straight. You know, kindness and empathy are for females and gays only.

man with baby
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Creativity Is Gay

Well quite obviously, every fashion designer is gay, isn’t it? Have you ever seen straight men designing clothes? Who designed Lehenga for Anushka and Deepika, which they wore at their wedding? Must also be a gay, right?

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And of-course, straight men do not do art. Those are for women. Be it our traditional dance forms, or anything else. No No, guys who are graceful and have a great talent to perform classical dance forms, are all gays. Seriously!

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So, I hope this article will help you to spot ‘gays’, because yeah, there is nothing more to be concerned about than judging random people. This is world crisis and needs to be taken care of. Oh my god, a guy is looking different than the written norms of the book of society. So, this must be our biggest concern at all times.

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