From Rags To Riches-The Story Of Yashsavi Jaiswal

There are stories which touch us and leave us some sort of an impact on our minds. But then sometimes we come across a story which leaves us in awe, which inspires us to be a better person and such is the story of Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Dreams Do Come True-The story of Yashsavi Jaiswal
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Hailing from the from Suriya village in Uttar Pradesh, Yashasvi had been acquainted with the bitter truths of life from the very beginning. Being from a poor family, Yashasvi’s parents often struggled to give him the basic amenities which we all take for granted.

Yashasvi was 11 when his family shifted to Mumbai. His father ran a paint shop while he sold pani puris to be able to afford a decent standard of life. The earning wasn’t enough to let Yashasvi pursue his dream of playing cricket. This starry-eyed boy used to go every day at Azad Maidan to watch the cricketers play.

Dreams Do Come True-The story of Yashsavi Jaiswal
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But as they say, if you have the guts to persue your dreams with all your dedication then even fate takes your side. At the field, he met pappu sir and he started requesting him every day to let him play once. One fine day, fate smiled upon him and Pappu sir allowed him to play and promised to give him a tent to stay in if he performed well. From that day onwards, there was no turning back for Yashasvi. He performed exceptionally well and his journey began

He is currently representing India at the under 19 cricket world cup in South Africa and he also got the opportunity to learn about the game under India’s batting legend Rahul Dravid. The story doesn’t end here. In the Vijay Hazare Trophy, held in September-October 2019,  Yashasvi smashed a blistering 203 off 154 balls, including 12 sixes and 17 boundaries. With this, he became the youngest batsman to score a double century in List A cricket. He has been picked by Rajasthan Royals for a hefty sum of Rs. 2.40 crore for IPL 2020.

Dreams Do Come True-The story of Yashsavi Jaiswal
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This story is a true inspiration, this story inspires people to have faith in our dreams and pursue them even against all odds. Check another such inspirational story out which will motivate you to keep fighting.

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