Finding Meaning In A Job Where You Feel You Don’t Belong

Discontentment toward the job is more common than you think. If you are stuck in a job where life moves slow and meaningless then do not feel that you are the only victim. Jobs in this modern age are based upon a common basis of utility. You go to work so you can earn. The efforts, therefore, one only limits to money. If you hate your job then it is first and foremost important to realize that it is completely fine!
Finding Meaning In A Job Where You Feel You Don't Belong
A person has certain needs in life which can rarely be fulfilled unless he earns if he is a grown individual. This can simply be understood with Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs. We earn so we can manage food, water, warmth and rest; the basic necessities of life. Then we need a safe place to live and to buy a good house one needs money. But what comes next affects our everyday life and that is love. Good relationships with friends and family members give a sense of meaning in life. It makes us feel that our stay on this earth is worthwhile. We feel that we belong and this factor of belongingness is what our presence in a particular situation makes us feel satisfied.
If a person does not feel that he belongs to that particular organisation it is no wonder that he would hate doing what he does. So what can you do when life gives you lemons? Well, if someone tells you “Deal with it!” you might need to begin with that point in your life.

All that Negativity

Jitendra Kumar Singh and Dr Mini Jain have said in their research paper, A Study Of Employees’ Job Satisfaction And Its Impact On Their Performance, “employees’ satisfaction refers to a collection of positive and/or negative feeling that an individual holds toward his or her job. Satisfaction is a part of life satisfaction. It is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with a job. Job satisfaction is an emotional response to a job.” So If you have to go and “deal” with your job one thing is for sure that you will not do your work wholeheartedly.
Finding Meaning In A Job Where You Feel You Do Not Belong

Find your purpose in your job

Every Indian knows that job provides respect in the society. This brings us back to Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of Needs where prestige and feeling of accomplishment give us one of the greater satisfaction in life. Though we all live in a crowd, we still possess a unique personality that we desire to highlight and stand out. By valuing the work that we do, the work in return gives value to us. It is a must that we realize why are we in that particular job, and what is the most that we can make out of it!

Be optimistic

If you are in a bad situation it does not mean that things are going to be the same for you. Keep building up your skill set so that you will be ready to take control of your life. It could be a hike that you were wishing for a long time or a promotion to have that sense of accomplishment. It could also be an opportunity to take up another job. We are the masters of our own life.
Finding Meaning In A Job Where You Feel You Don't Belong

Find time for yourself

A happy heart could only make a happy mind. Listen to your needs. Take a break if you need to. Go and spend some time with your family and friends. Try to see the bigger picture of life by giving attention to life’s most insignificant moments. As they say in Latin Carpe Diem, “seize the day”. Live in the moment. Good or bad it is part of life and as we all know that most probably we are not going to get another one.

Know Thyself

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the thing that tops the list is self-actualization. Since we are already taking time for ourselves, it would be even better to take this opportunity to know ourselves. When we realize that we have the potential to achieve everything that we could ever truly wish for all those dreadful times suddenly feel directed towards a purpose. To know what we want with our lives is the greatest satisfaction that one can achieve. Explore the work that you have been doing till now. A change of perspectives will bring the new light that is most needed to change things.

The joy of giving

It has been researched that the individual who is a teacher or a doctor has a high satisfaction than others. They know the feeling of contributing to the society. These are not the only jobs that provide for humanity, almost every job on this earth provides services to the people or work for their needs. For example, if your job is to file a pension form for an old person and you do it successfully, at that very instant you have made his life easier. Be a part of that happiness!
Finding Meaning In A Job Where You Feel You Don't Belong
When you are satisfied with the job you will feel more present in life, less often to take leaves, more productive and responsible toward your work and organisation and that will all result with satisfaction in life.

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