How To Deal With Your Feminist Girlfriend?

Do you have a feminist girlfriend and don’t know how to deal with her at various situations, here is guide for you which can help you to deal with your feminist girlfriend:

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1. The number one tip for you is to read all about feminism if you are not aware of what it actually is and if you think that your girlfriend engages in unnecessary fights in the name of feminism.

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2. Its scope is never narrowed down to only paying bills by her ownself. It is nice and chivalrous for you to pay those but she insists then it is OKAY. Not a big deal that guys have to make after this.

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3. If she says that she can take care of her own self whenever you tell her to do something like be home on time etc. remember always that it doesn’t mean that she don’t need you or you cannot be protective of her.TRICK: Try to be more polite and caring in your tone in these situations rather than being authoritative.

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4. It is not about the clothes everytime and all the scam about “I will wear what I like”. Feminism is not about getting the validation for wearing short clothes.

5. Another thing which you as a gentlemen needs to remind yourself is that she loves you even if she demands ‘privacy’ or ‘space’ or if she wants to spend time alone with herself.

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6. This tip is probably for all the relationships and not only important with feminist partner. Respect your partner’s thinking. Even if you do not agree with her thoughts about anything, do not shower her with hatred or nuisance. Respect her way of thought and you can possibly bring about a positive change gradually.

7. Do not force her for anything; not food after fights, not sex, not a dayout. Give sometime and rather play silently to grab her attention back 😉

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8. She might always get angry by any anti feminist thought coming from the friends, family or almost anyone. TRICK: Be mentally prepared for these situations because she won’t be yelling unnecessarily. Just be united and be on the same team.

9. Hold pride in the fact that she earns more than you. Its nothing to be ashamed. Standards of earning can never be the criteria for judging the future of any relationship.

10. More than being her husband or boyfriend, be her best friend. Be the one she could feel free to talk to even if there are opinion clashes. The understanding should be solid.

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11. She believes in equality for all and not women being superior to men. Equality in all the genders, caste, sexual orientations and preference of partners. Where will you get a fair girl like this? Be kind to her thoughts and I bet that you will also proudly call yourself feminist one day.

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