5 Facts About Fat Loss You Should Know

Well, today’s young generation is mad behind shredded physique and really wants to work hard to achieve it, but one thing I dislike about them is they go mad behind supplements and anabolic drugs.

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One should focus on their energy balance(nutrition) to drive a successful fat loss.

Let’s dig into the facts that you should really know.

1. Fast fat loss sucks

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Yes, it’s true. Fat loss happens when you are in a calorie deficit, that means eating less food over time, below your maintenance calories. Cutting calories extremely fast will irritate you and it’s not sustainable.

2. Fat loss is never linear

Fat Loss Journey

Linear just means continuing, a straight path. You will have fluctuations. You will see improvement but you will have weeks where you won’t see any improvement. The truth is, there’s plenty of ups and downs during a fat loss phase.

3. You can gain new muscle tissue in fat loss

Proven Mechanisms For Maximum Muscle Growth - Muscle Hypertrophy

You gain new muscle in positive energy balance that is eating above your maintenance calories but during fat loss, there is a chance to gain new muscle tissue. How much you can gain? that completely depends on your training experience, genetics, history, etc.

4. You might feel hungry sometimes

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Yes, you read it right! Fat loss should be sustainable, as you see me promoting “sustainable fitness lifestyle” always on my social media platforms but there are weeks where you go hard and things become difficult. You go hard because you want to achieve your dream physique.

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For example, you started your fat loss journey from 2000 calories per week and dropped to 1400 calories per week. 1400 calories might make you feel hungry but you need to stick to it to reach your weight goal.

5. Your Overall size will go down

Skinny Fat to Muscular

Yes if you compare, your before and after transformation, your overall size will be leaner and smaller. You might panic and stress when you see your arm size is going down and you looking small. Relax you didn’t have much muscle over there and its okay.

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You can focus on building muscle when you’re done with your fat loss phase. That’s how fat loss works.

Yashovardhan Singh is a fitness coach with GetSetGo Fitness and a former national football player. He likes to keep a no-nonsense approach to fitness by applying scientific literature to provide results to his clients. Reach him at [email protected] for coaching and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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