4 Ways To Know If She Is Faking An Orgasm

Let’s face it, a man’s body and a woman’s body work differently. It takes much more effort for a woman to climax than a man. Having said that, a woman’s orgasms are usually more intense than a man’s. Women take more time to climax and sometimes she might not be able to get there despite much effort. So if you’re concerned that your girl might be faking it to make you feel good, look out for these signs. If she checks most of the boxes in the list, there is a good possibility that she is faking it and that will be a sign for you to take some notes.

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1. Her expression seems exaggerated

Don’t let porn mess you up. Women don’t moan that loud with ecstasy, or pant like dogs in heat while having sex. If her expressions don’t seem much relaxed and harmonized, chances are she is putting up a show and showing what you want to see.

2. She is avoiding eye contact post the session

After a mutually satisfying session usually puts a big smile on each other’s face. If you’re the only one with a big grin and she is lying there smiling awkwardly and avoiding eye contact then there might be something there. You might think she is just blown away or she is overcome with emotions. But there is a pretty good chance that she is probably doing so because she is afraid that her expressions might give away the truth.

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3. She is very vocal about it

It’s one thing to compliment you once after a great session. A gesture like a snuggle or a peck is even better. But if she is too generous with her praises and keeps on telling things like ”wow, what an orgasm I had”, ”you made me come to my bones” or ”I’m still shaking, wow that was great.’- it might be a sign that she is saying all these things simply to make you feel better.

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4. She achieves the big “O” pretty soon

As already said, women take time to climax. Pleasuring a woman is a process. At an average, it takes about 20 minutes for a woman to come. So if your woman seems to come in about 5 minutes, it shouldn’t be a reason for you to rejoice.

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So now that you know how to spot a when she is faking it, next time you see these signs take notes, put in some extra effort and rock her world in the true sense of the term.

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