The Ultimate Guide To Facial Waxing For Men | FAQs And Side-effects

Facial waxing for men is not as uncommon as you think. In recent years, men have started giving more attention to grooming themselves. Nowadays, guys sought proper skin care and hair care treatments too, and facial waxing is just one of the many things included in the list.

Men are hairier than women. That’s a given biological fact. Many link the presence of body hair to masculinity, but the days of body hair being manly are long gone. Most men like to keep themselves clean. Everyone wants to get rid of the unwanted hairs on their body. While hair on other parts is not very hard to deal with, but unwanted facial hair is something of a problem for most men. Here, we must know that by unwanted hair, we are not talking about your beard or mustache, but the tiny hairs growing unevenly over your face. The patchy hair growing around your lips, neck, and over your beard.

Why do men need to get rid of unwanted facial hair?

facial waxing for men

  • Unwanted facial hair makes you look shabby even if you happen to have the perfect beard or so.
  • After you’re done removing them, your beard and mustache will automatically start looking better.
  • With the thin hairy layer removed, you can finally work on your skin properly too.

Now, the question arises, how can you remove that unwanted hair from your face? This is where facial waxing for men comes in.

What is facial waxing for men?

facial waxing men

Facial waxing is a type of hair removal waxing method used to remove facial hair on your face using wax. In the case of facial waxing use of warm or cold wax is more common. It’s so because the skin of your face is more sensitive than skin over other parts of your body. It is pretty much like any other type of waxing. After applying the wax, it hardens over the area of skin with unwanted hair. After that, the wax strip is quickly pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Facial waxing for men is not just helpful in removing facial hair, but it also makes the skin smoother. Along with unwanted hair, it also removes the dead skin layers over the skin and reduces irritation caused by them.

Common queries related to facial waxing for men

facial waxing for men

1. Is it a good idea to wax your face?

Yes, facial waxing for men is a good alternative to shaving when it comes to removing large amounts of facial hair. It does the work at once with minimal effort and time invested.

2. Is it ok for men to wax?

Facial waxing for men or any other type of waxing altogether is common in both the genders. There’s nothing wrong about man waxing their face or any other body part. Well, if the person irrespective of their gender has skin conditions resulting from waxing, then they should refrain from waxing. Otherwise, any person can do it without much to worry about.

3. How long does waxing last for guys?

Waxing removes hair from the root, does it lasts for a longer time. Usually, it lasts for at least six weeks or more.

4. Is facial waxing for men better than bleaching?

Facial waxing and facial bleaching are two different things. Bleaching lightens the facial hair giving it a light golden color, making it less noticeable. Meanwhile, facial waxing for men waxing removes facial hair altogether, from the root.

5. Does facial waxing for men cause skin sagging?

No. Facial waxing does not cause skin sagging. Your facial skin is thinner than skin over other parts of the body. This makes it prone to wrinkles and sagging but waxing is not one of the causes.

6. Should men wax their beards?

While waxing is indeed a good way to remove body hair but waxing your beard off is not a good idea. You better not try something you’d regret later on.

Side-effects of facial waxing for men

facial waxing for men

Everything has some side-effects. Anything without any side-effects probably doesn’t exist. If you are thinking of waxing your face, then you should consider this set of side-effects of facial waxing for men before making up your mind.

1. Redness and irritation over the skin

Even though men have thicker facial skin than women, redness and irritation after waxing aren’t too uncommon. The waxed area might stay a bit more sensitive for some days after waxing. But they usually don’t last for more than two-three days.

2. Skin rashes

Everyone has a different skin type so some products may not suit your skin. Thus, if some constituent of the product doesn’t seem to suit your skin, waxing might cause mild to severe skin rashes.

3. Allergic reactions

Similarly, you may develop some allergic reactions if any constituent of the waxing product you’re using doesn’t suit your skin. Facial waxing for men is not different from women, so, such problems might arise in case of men too.

4. Small bumps

Some tiny bumps might appear after you’re done waxing. They are nothing but just the pore tops where the hairs were initially present. They usually disappear in a few hours.

5. Sensitivity to the sun

Waxing removes some parts of your epidermis too as a result, you should avoid exposure to sun rays for a few days. Moreover, you should not use wax over fresh sunburns too. Although men’s skin is comparatively thicker than women that doesn’t make it sun proof. So, sensitivity to the sun may arise in case of facial waxing for men too.

6. Ingrown hairs

Even though waxing is a more effective hair removal method, the possibility of ingrown hairs being left behind is still there. It usually happens when waxing is improper.

7. Infection

This mostly happens if you do facial waxing over a bleeding region or damaged skin area. Thus, using wax over wounds are highly non-recommendable.

8. Pain

A small amount of pain is a given when you want to try waxing. The process involves quick removal of the wax strips, so it feels like pulling off a band-aid from your skin.

9. Bleeding

It is quite common when you are waxing. It happens because of the removal of small bits of your epidermis. But if there is a lot of bleeding, you should contact the doctor.

10. Scars

This is rather uncommon but the possibility of waxing leaving scars is not non-existential. It mostly happens when you use wax over wounds, sunburn, or fresh cuts.

Some available products for facial waxing for men

Here’s a list of some of the facial waxing products available on Amazon that you may want to use.

1. Rica Black Brazilian Wax Beads

facial waxing for men
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Starting with the most expensive one in the list, Rica Black Brazilian Wax Beads is a non-strip wax formula, ideal for sensitive skin such as face and underarms. It is usable in thin layers compared to traditional hard wax and works at low temperatures. The wax hardens after application once it is cooled thus allowing easy removal with fingers. RICA wax range guarantees superior hair removal without irritation and allergens. Rica wax is gentle to the skin, thanks to the natural patented formula that contains glyceryl rosinate, vegetable oil, titanium dioxide, natural beeswax, zinc oxide. All Rica products are made in Italy.

Cost of the product: Rs. 1,653

Pros: It is not as painful as compared to other products. It deals with sensitive skin quite well.

Cons: Some people may face skin complications like redness and rashes.

2. Waxxo Brazilian Wax by Waxxo Beauty

facial waxing for men
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Waxxo Beauty Brazilian Wax is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It is extremely soft and easy to apply and is ideal for facial waxing for both men and women. It is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin in small patches. Since this is a stripless wax, the wax hardens after application once it is cooled thus allowing easy removal with fingers. It consists of natural skin-friendly ingredients that prevent the skin from damage.

Cost of the product: Rs. 765

Pros: It is good for coarse hair. The product doesn’t leave the applied area red and leave rashes. It works well with sensitive areas. It is not at all painful.

Cons: It can be quite a time consuming if you want the best results as you’ll have applied the wax more than once. May cause skin issues with some.

3. Le Bonheur Brazilian Wax 

facial waxing for men
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Le Bonheur Brazilian Wax is a unisex product that is ideal for facial waxing for both men and women. Its gentle formula removes even the coarsest of hairs over the sensitive areas. Since the ingredients are all-natural, they do not harm your skin.

Cost of the product: Rs. 540

Pros: The wax melts quickly and it’s easy to use. Better results are achieved when used more than once at regular intervals. It is suitable for all sensitive parts of the body including the face. It works on coarse hair well too, making it a good choice for facial waxing for men.

Cons: It may lead to skin complications like burns and rashes. It doesn’t remove large amounts of hair at once.

4. Estavito White chocolate Hard Beans Depilatory Stripless Wax 

facial waxing for men
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Enriched with white chocolate and vegetable oils, Estavito White chocolate Hard Beans peels off the hair without the use of strips. It is gentle on all skin types and can be used for facial waxing safely. 

Cost of the product: Rs. 510

Pros: It is a very helpful product when used properly. The product leaves a soothing fragrance after waxing. It is suitable for use in salons.

Cons: Problems may arise with the quality of the beans. The beans give out a bad odor after they melt. It can cause discomfort if not applied under a professional’s supervision.

5. Confidence Hard Wax Beans for Body/Face Hair Removal

facial waxing for men
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It is an ideal product for waxing off the unwanted hair over the body, chest, legs, and face. It is quite easy to melt and after drying up, the wax can be removed easily by hand itself. The product is suitable for all types of skins. No pre-wax oil required is required before waxing. The product provides a thin, economic, and hygienic application. It also contains moisturizing cocoa butter which is excellent for dry skin. 

Cost of the product: Rs. 299

Pros: It is easy to use. It can be used safely over sensitive facial areas.

Cons: The quantity of the beans can be less than what is shown. The quality may be hampered.

6. Jackshowshope® Hair Removal Hard Body Wax

facial waxing for men
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Jackshowshope® Hair Removal Hard Body Wax is another available facial waxing product on Amazon. It consists of skin-friendly ingredients that do not harm your skin. It boasts of 90% hair removal and is ideal for use on arms, legs, and face. The product is a unisex product, which means it works well in the case of both the genders.

Cost of the product: Rs. 199

Pros: It is easy to use. It can give good results when used regularly.

Cons: Skin damage is a possibility with this product. The wax becomes brittle after drying up, making it hard to remove from your skin. It can lead to painful waxing sessions.

7. Glamouroui Deziine Yovanpur Hair Removal Hard Body Wax

facial waxing men
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This is an ideal product to choose from when you’re waxing your facial hair. It is made from colophonium (Rosin), glyceryl rosinate, ethylene/va copolymer, beeswax, paraffin, glyceryl hydrogenate rosinate, methyl hydrogenated rosinate, hydrogenated coconut oil, c30-45 alkyl methicone natural wax ingredients. These are all skin-friendly ingredients that usually do not lead to skin complications.

Cost of the product: Rs. 165.00

Pros: The product can be used by both men and women. It’s easy to use and quite cheap compared to many other products.

Cons: The process of facial waxing for men can be painful with this product. Though it boasts of removing 90% of the hair over it is applied, the results show different stats. Sometimes, the beans don’t melt fast which makes waxing with it very time-consuming. 

8. Herbia Aroma White Chocolate Hair Removal Bean Wax

facial waxing for men
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Herbia White Beans Depilatory wax is enriched with real white chocolate and vegetable oils which helps in removing the hair from roots without the use of strips. It removes all the hair from the area applied on as a peelable plastic sheet. The product leaves the waxed area smooth and does not leave any redness or rashes because of the chocolate and vegetable oil present in it. It can be used for upper lips, arms, legs.

Cost of the product: Rs. 138

Pros: The product can give good results when used properly. It is quite effective in removing facial hair.

Cons: The beans take a long time to melt. As promised, the product is not very gentle on the skin.

9. BEE ONE White Chocolate Milky Wax 

facial waxing for men
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The Beeone milky wax boasts to be better than any other traditional waxes. Besides hair removal, it makes your skin more glowing and retards hair growth over the applied areas. The product is suitable for all skin types and gender, making it an ideal product for facial waxing for men.

Cost of the product: Rs. 125

Pros: The product works fine most of the time. It leaves a soothing after fragrance and moisture over the skin.

Cons: It can be very sticky for some people.

10. NIVAN Strawberry Hair Removal Wax Beans

facial waxing for men
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It is a cheap alternative for better facial waxing products. But it works too. It is easy to use and the beans are said to melt fast too.

Cost of the product: Rs. 89


With men all over the world becoming more concerned about grooming themselves, facial waxing for men is gaining a lot of popularity too. At the end of the day, your prime motive is to look well-groomed and facial waxing helps a lot to fulfill that motive.

Grooming is important for men as much as it is for women. Here are 11 essential grooming tips for every man out there as men deserve to be beautiful too.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you think we have missed out on anything that please let us know in the comments below.

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