4 Step Challenge To Win Your Ex Back

There are so many guys out there who have actually fallen in love but are single because their relationship has been ended now. Well, its not the end dude.

“Try and try until you succeed” has been rightly said. Do not give up on your love. If you know that your ex loves you right back but the misunderstandings or the fall of the circumstances have led to this breakup then do not give up at this weak phase of your relationship.

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Here is all you need to do to win your ex back with a new and strong bond flowering between the two of you.

1. Ignore And Stop The Desperation

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So what your first step is to not become like a miserable baby and cry and plead in front of her to get back. Trust me, the more you will plead the more she will get irritated and run away from you. This is that danger zone when she can even get attracted to someone else who is not a miserable and desperate personality like you are. A big no to showering her with your desperation. Do not call or message her. Do not deliberately try to meet or stalk her.

2. Rejuvenate Yourself

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Have you heard of self love? Oh! No all this time you were busy loving your girlfriend that you forgot that you are a separate person with different thought process. Basically now you should be spending time with yourself, knowing your strength and weaknesses, enjoying your old time favourite movies, repeating them again the very same day, having chilled beer while you work etc. Just make your plans according to what you want to do which I’m sure you won’t have done in a long time. Treat it as break for both you. Learn about yourself and the mistakes which you did probably.

3. Call At The Right Time

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After this whole phase of ignoring her and enjoying your life without her, she will be in the dilemma that you are not even 1% affected by the break up. It will create insecurity in her mind which is exactly what we want to do. After the rejuvenating phase you will feel very confident and energised with positive thoughts to give it a fresh start. Call her! (Finally your eyes must be sparkling at this step)

But, you are not calling to say anything like I love you or I want you back. Call her and talk general about how is everything how is she. The confidence in your voice that you are OKAY will definitely make her more insecure. After small talk, you should be the one cutting the call. Tell her that you have some work or some plans even if you don’t.

4. Maintain It

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Maintain this practice for once in a week or so. Don’t call her everyday or maybe you can text for like playing an online game together. Or asking her for suggestion to what to wear. This way she will along with the insecurity feel acknowledged. It will build up the attraction again.

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Do not go fast with this, give time to let the things go with flow. Do not propose instantly when you get the instinct that she is wanting to get back together with you. Wait and spend time together to make the bond stronger and healthier.

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