How to Drink Without Losing Muscle?

If you’re someone who enjoys going out with friends over the weekends but also likes to hit the gym then keep these things in mind and you can drink without losing muscle mass as much as the other binge drinker.

It has happened with all of us. On Friday, our phones start to buzz even before we plan to leave office. While our WhatsApp gets spammed with numerous “let’s drink” notifications. Amidst those, there are a few or many who have a strong intent of working out on those weekends but get cajoled by their friends into a happy hour drinking. Furthermore, they even convince you that you could still go to the gym. But I have little doubts about that idea. I know it’s really difficult to control your cancer nerves before the weekend hits, but honestly working out and doing binge drinking doesn’t go well with each other.

Try moderation with a few basic rules:

  1. Like liquor should not be mixed with any sodas and juices, as they are more calorific and doesn’t go easy on your body. So, stay clear of Vodka and Gin.                                      How to Drink Without Losing Muscle?
  2. Eating good food so that there is no nutrient depletion. Drinking lots of water after you are done consuming it. Drinking on a full stomach consisting of fats and carbs will ensure that you won’t lose out on your necessary nutrients.                                           How to Drink Without Losing Muscle?
  3. Having drinks after working out has a lower rate of protein synthesis – which helps in enhancing the muscle size and helps in muscle repairment. Both of which are essential for the muscle size development and muscle recovery.                                                     How to Drink Without Losing Muscle?

Regular ingestion of alcohol is bad for your digestion which makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients like amino acids and Vitamin-B, resulting in an impairment of protein synthesis. Protein is a macronutrient which is essential for the mass building muscle. Excess of alcohol defies my earlier statement because it uses up the antioxidants and amino acids which are to be used in the muscle development.

Again, alcohol brings down your testosterone levels. When you’re under the influence of alcohol, your liver is hard at breaking down the alcohol and that process interferes with one of the liver’s other job- producing testosterone. So, while the alcohol is going down in the system, so is your testosterone levels.

It decreases your performance and strength even after you’re sober because it is stored as fat and causes a shortage of oxygen and reduces the direct energy source for muscles. And not only this, it also affects your judgment and coordination, which can cause a huge hindrance in finishing a repetition and it can be a dangerous task.

Well in between all of this there’s also little to cheer about. Moderate beer consumption can improve your immune system. But just one or two drinks, depending on your body size, might not have much impact on your post-exercise recovery.

In my opinion, if you want to maximize your performance, know that if you abstain you will improve your muscle gains, but then again, a few shots don’t harm anyone.

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