Deepika’s Visit To JNU Makes Her The Centre Of Yet Another Controversy

Deepika Padukone showed up at JNU campus the day before yesterday to stand in solidarity with the students. The “JNU Masked Mob Attack” incident has stirred the nation. People have come to the streets to protest against it across the country these past few days. While a student meeting was called by the JNU teachers and the JNUSU this Tuesday evening, the renowned Bollywood actress made a surprise visit to the university. When asked to speak in front of the crowd, she denied giving a speech. She stood there with the students for some time until she left the site.

People are now having divided opinions regarding her visit to JNU. The main reason behind the division of opinions is her upcoming movie “Chhapaak” releasing this Friday.

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“Deepika’s visit to JNU is an act of bravery.”

Many personalities related to the film industry have shown their support to her act of courage and discards the doubts of it being promotion for her film.

The film being her debut film as a producer has caught the eye of some well-known producers like Anurag Kashyap and Nikkhil Advani. They have expressed their views by tweeting in support of her visit.

“Her visit is nothing but promotion!”

Meanwhile, a few big names have also expressed their disregard on her visit openly on Twitter.

As a result of this episode, Deepika has been showered with boycott chhapaak threats on social media by a huge sum of people. There are various reasons working as flames to the anger of the masses who believe that this visit shows her support to the tukde tukde gang. While the people who has been protesting against CAA, NRC and now JNU Attack are with Deepika, the other side is against her.

Although, such a situation is not at all alien to the actress. During the making and release of her film, “Padmaavat” many Hindu groups had raised their voice against the film as they thought the queen was portrayed in a bad light in the film. Even death threats were given to her and the director of the movie, Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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The hastags #isupportdeepika and #boycottchhapaak are currently trending on Twitter after her visit to JNU. Either way, her visit to JNU has attracted more attention to the JNU attack regardless of her motive behind it.

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