How To Handle The Death Of Your Loved Ones

This is an extremely serious situation and can make different turns of your life. Either you come out of the situation or end up being psychologically depressed for a long long time. I’m definitely sorry for your loss and know that how you must be feeling.

You can follow these three steps below in order to overcome this situation:


Okay! So this might sound weird that I’m telling you to grief or feel sad but obviously there is a reason behind it. In order to be back to normal you need to vent out all your feelings. Holding back the feelings was never a good solution nor it will be in the future. Often Indian men are deliberately told to not show their true emotions or not cry as it is against their being a “MAN”. However, this is total bullshit. Being a man does not mean to be fake but to accept your feelings the way they are. They are normal.

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You should be well prepared of facing mixed set of emotions and mood swings. On some days or situation you might feel anger, on some days being perplexed or confused about your life and about others in surrounding, you may also feel numb in the beginning or the initial days of your close one. You might just sit for hours doing nothing but in a deep thought. You have to remind yourself thatĀ IT IS NORMALĀ and it is okay and important to feel this way to break down that heavy stone sitting on your heart.


Adjusting can be the second phase where you have already vented out the feelings and accepted the loss. Now, you have to adjust. You need to bring little changes in your life like in your daily routine or maybe office work and maybe habits also. These small changes will help you to adjust overall in your life and become like a practice in adjusting in your personal life without that person.You can do so by also introducing new things in your life as a symbol of a new beginning.

Try to exercise regularly, take care of your body and pamper yourself.


With time you will accept and slowly start to come out of the grief. Your life will be back to normal with some additional things introduced in the second phase. This does not mean that you have forgotten the loss rather you will now be cherishing all the memories that you had built with your loved one and positively live your life in order to make every second worth living.

I hope this will help you in overcoming this situation. The time may vary for different people in coming out of this however with proper following of these steps you will surely reach the phase three soon.

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