How to make work fun? Ask our Incredible Moonwalking Dancing Traffic Cop

When Sun is high, signal gestures beam of longest wavelength, the rolling tyres take a sigh, because the captivating concert resumes on the traffic square of Indore. The poor fellas who’re deprived of seeing Michael Jackson drives deliberately through the way to witness those dazzling few seconds. Our dancing Traffic Cop, Mr Ranjeet Singh is frequently seen on the busiest traffic routes. On any esteemed occasion, the tough man allures every passing Indorean. Instead of turning and making a way back, he prefers his Magnum Opus, a charismatic MoonWalk. Certainly, when dedication hi-fives passion, the outcome is in front of us.

Coming from a middle-class family and opting for the rigid job, it has never been a cakewalk for the man. The traffic cops are often neglected by the mainstream police and feel sidelined in the popularity. The aspiring eyes shadowed under the sunglass took the road never travelled to break the stereotype and never looked back.

Our dancing traffic cop mined the way to fame and convinced his job to make way for the leisure activity. The tall muscular figure ‘moonwalking’ on the concrete floor with impeccable accuracy is surely a delicacy to watch. The acumen is unquestionable as anyone dares to violate the rules and he’s ready to dig the grave.

Ranjeet Singh Dancing Traffic Cop
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The big man has now his own Shaolin disciples learning the ArtOfTraffic ft. Moonwalk and the Buddha is all smiling and proud of them. He nurtures them and spreads the motto ‘Discipline is the key’.

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His stardom needs no prologue, the list of celebrities goes on who make to Indore and share the road with him. The SuperCop seems delighted teaching moonwalk to the likes of Bollywood stars. Not long ago when he made his extravagant television debut with BigB and Indore absolutely went mad with the hot potato.

Dancing Traffic Cop with stars
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The pace of the popularity is sky high and he’s an apple of the eye for every local. You’ll still find the exact same man with punctuality and enthusiasm as he was on the day one. At times children even bump into him for autographs and selfies, guess what the CopUncle never disappoints.

What he does, how he does is surely a piece to infer inspiration and has lifted the spirits of many. When people pass by, they squint the sweating out cops swiftly with respect in their minds. It’s not him alone but every individual doing that job is One Man Army in himself.

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