A Bumblebee’s Guide To Dating: Create The Perfect Bumble Profile

Dating is a chore. You have to go out of your room, socialise with human beings (the same disgusting species you), pick out the good ones, and then chase the best one. It either ends up in heartbreak or you’ve found your one true love. But, what if you don’t want the hassle of everything I’ve mentioned above? Well, you might want to create the perfect Bumble dating profile to get as many dates as possible. Here are the 5 steps to buzzing your bee-ing into the world of love hormones and romance mucus:

Step 1: Register

You have to be registered to create a profile. Go to the play store and type ‘bumble’ in the search box. The first option is your destination. Click on it and let it download. When downloaded, you’ll be greeted by something like this –
Create the perfect bumble dating app profile
You can either register using Facebook or your mobile number, whichever you deem the safest.

Step 2: Tell them what you’re looking for

After you’ve registered, the app greets you and upon clicking on the screen once again, it will prompt you to another page which looks something like this –

Create the perfect bumble dating app profile

Since we are helping you create your dating profile, click on the ‘dating’ option. Otherwise, you can always be searching for new friends or be just using Bumble for networking purposes. After you’ve selected ‘dating’, you will see this page –

Create the perfect bumble dating app profile

Select the option based on your sexuality.

Step 3: Upload your pictures and tell them about yourself

Once you’ve registered yourself with Bumble, it will automatically set your profile picture from your Facebook profile picture (if you’ve registered using FB). Click on the bottom-left icon to go to your profile.

Create the perfect bumble dating app profile

From there, click on the pencil icon under your profile picture to edit your profile.

From there, click on the pencil icon under your profile picture to edit your profile.

  1. Above this is the space where you can upload your images. I chose to not show it for privacy reasons.
  2. You can answer questions about yourself. You can choose the maximum number of three questions on the free version.
  3. Write about yourself – What do you do? How do you see yourself? How would you describe yourself from the eyes of a stranger?
  4. If you have a job you can add your position and the place you’re working at.
  5. You can also add your education if you’re studying somewhere.
  6. Add the gender you identify yourself as and not how others perceive you along with your city.

Step 4: Add basic info

Create the perfect bumble dating app profile

If you want people with common interests to reach out to you, add your star sign, pets, religion and political preferences. You can add the highest level of education you’ve received along with your fitness regime. To find like-minded people you can tell people looking into your profile if you like smoking, drinking, kids and if you’re pro-choice or pro-life.

Step 5: Link your social accounts (Instagram & Spotify)

Music brings people together. You can link your Spotify account to find people who share similar music taste with you and your Instagram account so you can judge a book by its cover.

Create the perfect bumble dating app profile

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