9 Most Effective Core Exercises For Men At Home

Core exercises are the best way to gain spectacular abs. You too can get those dream abs with the help of these effective core exercises for men at home itself. But first, you must know what constitutes the midsection of your body and why you need to make it strong.

What are the core muscles?

Core Exercises For Men At Home

The midsection of our body has 29 muscles. The major core muscles are the pelvic floor muscles, transverses abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae, and diaphragm. Besides these major muscles, there are other muscles like latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, and trapezius. A strong set of core muscles helps immensely in the transfer of power and enhanced cooperation of muscles. A strong mid-section is always followed by much desired amazing abs. There are several exercises to strengthen the core muscles of your body. But some core exercises for men at home prove to be more helpful than the rest.

Some core exercises for men at home

Here is a list of 10 most effective core exercises for men at home that help you get stronger core muscles faster.

1. Plank

The plank is a very good core exercise for men. It works on several core muscles as a resistance exercise. This exercise is a simple yet quite helpful one. It involves maintaining a push-up like position for the maximum. Although, there can be different variations of this exercise based on the position of your hands and body. The simplest plank is the one where you balance your body on your palms and tip of toes. Your shoulders should remain straight and your back should somewhat resemble a plank, thereby giving the name to the exercise. For beginners, balancing on your palms can be difficult. They can initially start by placing their forearms on the floor and after a few days start using the palms.

2. Push Up

Push-ups are usually beneficial for the upper body. But if done properly it can help to build stronger core muscles too. a normal push up mostly involves your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. But if you bring your arms closer to your midsection, this exercise will help you with your core muscles too. It is a very common core exercise for men at home.

3. Mountain climber

This is another exercise that can be done in the push-up position. To do this exercise, you need to get yourself in a push-up position first. Slowly lift your upper body and make sure your head and heels are in a straight-line position. Brace your abdominal muscles and start with your right foot. Bring the knee closer to your chest and slowly take it back to the initial position. Do the same with your left knee and continue the exercise by using both the legs simultaneously. Your abdominal muscles go through a lot of strain during this exercise helping them get stronger. As a beginner, start with 3-4 reps of each being 30 seconds long. Gradually you can increase the duration and tempo of the workout based on your goals.

4. Reverse Crunches

A reverse crunch, as the name suggests is the reversed variation of a traditional crunch. In this exercise, your upper body remains on the floor/mat and you raise your legs and bring them closer to your chest. It is one of the best core exercises for men at home as no equipment is required and the results are satisfying. But the number of reps should be more in case of this exercise for it work effectively.

5. Three point plank

Simple plank is an effective core exercise but our body tends to adjust to them quickly. This decreases its efficiency. Thus, a three-point plank is one such variation of the simple plank that can be added to your core workout regime. In a three-point plank, you have to balance your body on three supports instead of four. You can simultaneously change the support you want to reduce. Start with the normal plank position and then lift one arm to balance yourself only on your toe tips and a single arms. Change the supporting arm in every 15-20 seconds to avoid excessive strain.

6. Hanging leg raise

This exercise is a high-intensity one that deals with the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles. To do this exercise you need a high pull up bar. Hang from the bar with the help of your hands and form a V-shape with your body by bringing your feet close together. Start raising your legs into an L-position. Hold that position for some time and then release slowly. This is also a very effective core exercise for men at home as the only extra equipment needed is a pull-up bar.

7. Flutter kicks

This is one traditional core exercise for men at home to workout your abs. Firstly, lie on your back with your legs straight and arms lying on your sides. Now raise your heels up a bit and start flutter kicking in a quick motion. Try to maintain the maximum duration to get better results.

8. Hip bridge or Glute bridge

To do this exercise you need to lay on your back first with your hands lying by your sides. Bent your knees up by keeping your feet on the floor and keep them hip-width apart and close enough for your hands to reach the heels. Hold that position for a few seconds as a beginner and then get back to the resting position. This core exercise for men at home can give excellent results when the duration of the hold is increased manifold.

9. Superman hold

Lie on your stomach with your spine and neck in a neutral position. Stretch your arms and legs from your core like superman flying in the air. Your belly bottom and waist should be the only body parts touching the floor while doing this exercise. The results of this exercise depend upon the duration up to which you can hold the position.

Benefits of core exercises for men at home

Benefits of core exercises for men at home

The main benefit of core exercises for men at home is building strong core muscles. A stronger mid-section increases your endurance. You are likely to feel less pain during your daily activities if you have a stronger core. Abs are possible only when you exercise your core muscles intensively. Besides, core workouts help in improving your posture, stabilizes your spine, and reduces the chances of pain in the mid-section.

Precautions to take during core exercises for men at home

Precautions to take during core exercises for men at home

  1. Take some time to warm up before your workout session.
  2. Separate different exercises with a minute-long or 30 seconds long intervals.
  3. Don’t overdo the exercises as working out deals with straining your muscles but excessive strain can damage your muscles in the long run.
  4. If you are a beginner, take it slow at first. Getting fit takes time.
  5. While performing core exercises make sure to maintain the correct position to benefit more from the exercise.

A well-built and healthy body makes men look attractive and confident. Building your body isn’t easy but once you reach your goal, the feeling of success is quite satisfying. So, without much hesitation start working out today itself. Good luck!

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