Research Shows That the Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform

You know they say that first impression is the last impression. When a person first sees you they see your attire and the way you carry it, it tells a lot about your personality. But did you know that dressing differently only has an impact on other people’s opinion but also impact you. Research Shows That the Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform.

Every Details Matters

Not just the clothes you are wearing but your shoes, your watch, the way you are wearing your specs… every detail matters. Everything has something that speaks about you, your personality. If you are wearing a watch people might think that you are punctual and value time. You just don’t have to wear things, it’s the way you carry it. Your presentation speaks itself.

Did you know that Swiss bank UBS published a 44 page dress code for their employees? yes, you saw it right. 44 page. It had everything and they worked on every minor detail and stated the importance of those minor details. Right from your specs to importance of wearing tie to your watches. Employees were also asked to take shower everyday and apply lotion and not eat garlic during week days.

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It Not Only Impacts Others But You Too

Why do we dress so nicely when we have a presentation in office? Just for others? I don’t think so. Didn’t you ever the feel the seriousness while you are dressing for an interview or a presentation? You can see how confident a person becomes when he dresses for presentation, he feels like everything he says means something, suddenly everything he does is very important and it will impact the world on some or the other way. Yes that’s how empowering clothes can be. Look at the women in office, when they wear formals and heels they feel empowered. The actors who do theaters, on the final day when they wear the costume they feel like an entirely different person, they feel like they have been this character all along. You can see it in the way they perform. Why do you think Army, Air force,  Navy have uniforms, yes uniforms do bring uniformity and integrity but the zeal and pride feeling they get when they wear uniform it changes everything. That’s why the clothes you wear change the way you perform.

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Have you ever just met a person for a second and you feel like you trust them with life no  I am not talking about love at first sight. But have you ever seen someone for a minute and you just feel like you can never trust them what so ever, they seem fake or maybe are a criminal. Don’t worry you are not going bananas. This process is called thin slicing. When you see someone for the very first time your brain scans them from top to bottom and your brain forms an opinion based on the way they look you . That’s why probably they say first impression is most important.

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So this was all about how the way you dress affects you and opinions of others around you. And do remember it’s not just what you wear but how you carry it. So go ahead, world is waiting for your performance.

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