Bollywood Lovers You Should Never Take Inspiration From

Movie have a huge impact on the audience. Be it a comedy, horror, on a biopic every movie you watch you take some lesson home. In case of romance genre, no one can beat Bollywood in being chessy and sometimes and many times sexist and misogynistic. So should you really take inspiration from Bollywood when it comes to being a lover? Here are 5 Bollywood Lovers You Should Never Take Inspiration From.

1. Tere Naam

It was the Kabir Singh of 2000s. But it didn’t brew any controversy then, maybe the critics weren’t active then. Just kidding. Tere Naam is said to be one of the best performances ever delivered by Salman Khan. When you watch the movie you will truly agree. But what’s wrong is his character Radhe’s way of trying to get her. Radhe, a college graduate who for some reason still sits on the way to college and rags freshers. He falls in love with an innocent girl and confesses. When she tells him very politely that she doesn’t feel the same, he goes crazy. There is no stone left unturned to achieve her. He lies to her to-be husband that they love each other and have decided to marry each other, tells her multiple times that he loves and threatens if someone comes in between even her father he would beat him to unconscious. If you think that was too much he also kidnaps her, ties her, tortures her and was even about to beat. He states the reason for his condition is her and all she did was say sorry. SMH.

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2. Raanjhana

The 2013 movie received a lot of appreciation from critics for the acting of both Dhanush and Sonam. It is one of the best acting performances of Sonam. The cinematography of the movie was also very beautiful but one thing you should not take inspiration from is Dhanush’s character. He literally had love at first sight at the age of 10 and since then started doing everything he can to woo her. Stalking her everywhere, writing letters even got slapped 16 times and when nothing worked, what’s the best thing you can do? scare her. He cuts his nerves and poor young Zoya thinks its love. Best part of the film, after 9 years leap grown up Zoya finally understands whats love and he never gets her.

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3. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

After seeing her dancing in the rain our lead Maddy decides that she is the one. Due peer pressure he finally believes that he can’t live without her. So he meets her by introducing himself her fiance whom she had never seen since childhood and spends time with her. When she gets to know the truth and rejects him he starts giving threats to her and her fiance and family. He also said that she should be grateful that he do anything to her, as he could have and she wouldn’t even stop him, but it was his goodness that he didn’t do anything. Seriously bro? you lied to her that you are her fiance.

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4. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

No doubt this movie has a great social message and Akshay Kumar’s acting was brilliant. But one thing that is really not acceptable is the stalking that this movie glorifies. Our hero  Keshav “follows” the heroine everywhere she goes because he likes her. He also records her using phone multiple times without her consent so that he can look onto the recordings and take pleasure. Bhaiya that is straightforward stalking.

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5. Kabir Singh

How can we even miss this one? Kabir Singh was undoubtedly the biggest hit of 2019 and one of the best actings ever done by Shahid. But is Kabir Singh the one of look upto? Absolutely No. He was an addict who had anger management issues and abused his girlfriend. Well in the movie Kabir gets Preeti but in real life if you do so I don’t about your girlfriend staying with you but you will be behind the bars for sure.

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So these were 5 Bollywood Lovers You Should Never Take Inspiration From. But you know cinema is reflection our society, who we act, how we behave, it portrays a common mans mentality. I am not saying these movies weren’t good or the acting was bad.These movies had amazing actors and the best performances of their career. But movies having such misogynistic character will be made and will earn high in the box office if there are people who watch such characters and applaud the story line and relate to it. Let’s change this so our future generation watches and learns something better.  If you wanna know about upcoming Bollywood movies that will redefine Bollywood in 2020 click here

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