5 Bollywood Actors Who have fought Depression

Mental illness is something that isn’t much discussed in our country. Rather, to put it more aptly, it is not seriously taken in our country. People who seek help to deal with their mental health issues are looked down upon for going to psychologists and the simple explanation that usually comes up with that the person is mentally unstable. Amidst such an environment where discussing mental health is a taboo, a lot of Bollywood actors have come forward to talk about how they have dealt with mental health issues like that of depression, anxiety and others. Such honest confessions on their part have actually helped to start a new conversation about mental health in the country. It has given the confidence to many people to actually come out and talk about their mental health issues and normalize the matter.

Here are some Bollywood actors who have struggled with depression and have been vocal about it:

1. Shah Rukh Khan

The King Khan himself underwent a rough phase post his shoulder surgery in 2010. The injury made him go into depression and he had a tough time dealing with it. However, he successfully overcame it and he soon back doing what he is best at-winning hearts around the globe.

Shah Rukh Khan
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2. Aamir Khan

Another stalwart who has been a victim of mental health issues is Aamir Khan. He along with his entire team went into in depression after the shooting the last episode of “Satyameva Jayete”. The effect was so severe that they had to take medication. Aamir Khan confessed that the show exposed him to the really ugly side of the Indian society, something which is not shown or talked about a lot. This, in turn, had a serious impact on him. However, he fought it and has emerged stronger than ever.

Aamir Khan
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3. Randeep Hooda

The actor’s dedication to his job actually has actually come at a cost. He experienced bouts of depression while working on Highway and Sarbhjit. He got so much into the skin of the character that they stayed with him a long time after the project got over which in turn hampered his mental health.

Bollywood Actors Who have fought Depression

4. Varun Dhawan

Often termed as the chirpiest and the most cheerful of the lot, Varun Dhawan also struggled with his mental health during the shooting of the film “ Badlapur” While shooting for the film he went into a shell and ceased communication with people around him. The actor confessed that it was a really difficult phase for him however; he fought through it and got back being his cheerful self.

Varun Dhawan
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5. Dharmendra

This veteran actor fought with depression for 15 long years. So much so was its impact that it pushed him towards alcoholism. However, he fought hard and defeated his demons and finally he is now leading a happy and healthy life.

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Mental health issues are much more common than we imagine it to be. It is about time we normalize and prioritize mental health as much as physical health. If you feel you’re struggling with mental health, don’t be afraid of talking about it and seeking help.

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Like these Bollywood actors, you too can defeat your issues and can get back to leading a happy and healthy life.

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