Did Bill Gates Predict the Corona Pandemic 2020 ?

Who would have thought even a month back that we would be cooped up in our homes, living in the mortal fear of even stepping out of our houses lest we should be victims of this pandemic?

However, it seems that somebody knew. Somebody had warned us not once but twice about the then-upcoming pandemic that has affected so many lives around the globe. That visionary is none other than Bill Gates.

Gates gave a Tedtalk in2015 titled-‘The next outbreak? We’re not ready’. Bill Gates started his Ted Talk by bringing up the fears of a nuclear war that he faced at the time of his youth. However, later he said that the greatest threat that mankind might face in the future is not nuclear war but an outbreak of an epidemic. According to Gates, “If anything kills 10 million people in the next few decades, it is most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war, not missiles but microbes.” The predictions so far have been true in the form of Coronavirus pandemic for which the world is still striving to fight.

Vision From The Future-Did Bill Gates Predict the Corona Pandemic ?
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The billionaire stated that the world is very ill-equipped to deal with such pandemics due to lack of infrastructure and investment in the health sector. He rightly pointed out that while the countries have been stocking up their arms and ammunition, they have paid little attention to their capabilities of dealing with a pandemic and this allegation seems to stand more and more true as the days are passing.

Vision From The Future-Did Bill Gates Predict the Corona Pandemic ?
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Not only in 2015, in 2019 as well Gates talked about the outbreak of novel coronavirus and he was much more specific about the details this time. In a 2019 Netflix documentary called “Explained”, the Billionaire clearly predicted the source of the pandemic even, under the episode “The Next Pandemic”.  Gates appeared in the Netflix documentary to talk about the likelihood of a virus breaking out in one of China’s wet markets where animals are killed on the spot before being sold. In the episode, he also warned the world was ill-prepared to deal with the implications of the viral spread of disease when cures were often years away.

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It appears that despite several warnings, countries around the world did not take any measure to revive their health sector, the global population is paying price for this negligence. However, as of now, let us all be a little aware and do our best to end this pandemic. Stay indoors, stay safe.

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